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About the Different Components of NeoOffice

Note: The tips and hints specific to a particular component have been moved to the component pages above. If you don't see the tips you are looking for, try the component pages.

Tips from Trinity

The forums at contain many tips, hints, and answers to frequently asked questions. The New Articles Needed page in this wiki contains links to some of the most helpful threads at trinity.

Note that the predominant language of the trinity forums is English, so most if not all of these threads will be in English. At the time of this writing (September 2007), there were French, Spanish, Italian, German, and Dutch speakers among the "regulars" at trinity. If you are in need of a summary or explanation of a tip in one of these languages, post a request in the appropriate thread, and someone may be able to help you.

Improving the Mac OS X Experience

Compatibility and Document Exchange

Fonts & Languages

Printing and Exporting to PDF

Styles and Templates

Customizing NeoOffice

Miscellaneous Tips

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