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Setting NeoOffice as the default application for Microsoft Office and other documents

These methods also work for WordPerfect, and HTML, RTF and plain text documents. If you have also installed OpenOffice or LibreOffice, you can also use these steps to make NeoOffice the default application for OpenOffice and LibreOffice files.

General method

  1. In the Finder, right-click or Control-click on one of your Microsoft Office documents such as foo.doc, foo.xls, etc.
  2. In the popup menu that appears, select the Get Info menu item.
  3. Click on the disclosure triangle next to Open with: to expand that section.
  4. Choose NeoOffice from the dropdown list.
  5. Click the Change All button and OK in the dialogue that appears.

Repeat these steps for each document type you want to open in NeoOffice (.ppt, .rtf, .html, etc.). Your document should now show a NeoOffice document icon.

If NeoOffice is not listed in the "Open with:" drop-down list

  1. Select Other from the Open with: drop-down list.
  2. A window will open that looks like the standard Mac OS X open file-dialogue window. At the top of this window, there is selector that reads Recommended Applications; change this to read All applications.
  3. You should now be able to select any application in your "Applications" folder, including the ones that were previously greyed out. Select NeoOffice.
  4. Check the "Always open with..." box in the lower part of the window and confirm.
  5. Continue with step 5 above.


  • Since a Mac OS X security update from Apple late in the 10.3.x era, a user must have first launched the application before it can be set as the default.
  • Some document types come without extensions and sometimes different HFS+ file type codes end up being assigned for the same document type (for instance, some internet apps set WDBN instead of W6BN or W8BN as the file type for Microsoft Word .doc files). These have to be set separately, so for such a document, the user might have to repeat on 4-6 "variations" of Word documents to get all Word documents assigned to NeoOffice.
  • The method related above changes the default for all documents. To change the default for any one individual document, use Get Info, select the appropriate application and close the Info window (i.e., stop with step 4 in the General Method list).

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