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Paragraph styles allow you to personalize the following elements:

  • Font styles, effects, and formats
  • Indents and Tabs
  • Spacing between lines and/or paragraphs
  • Alignment or justification
  • Paragraph numbering
  • Backgrounds and borders
  • Hyphenation
  • Handling of widows and orphans


[edit] How to Create a Paragraph Style

To create a paragraph style, you must open the Styles and Formatting window. (By pressing Ctrl-F11 or by going to the Format and then clicking on the Styles and Formatting sub-menu.) Then you can create a paragraph style using one of two methods:

  • The first consists of specifying the characteristics that you want via the Format Paragraph window. (To open this window, go the to Format menu and choose Paragraph....)

Once you have made the desired changes, click Ok. Then select the paragraph you just styled, and open the Styles and Formatting window, verify that the list of styles is that for paragraph styles by clicking on the first icon on the left (the one with the ¶ symbol on it). Then click on the icon that looks like a sheet of paper with a green cross on it. Choose New style from selection. A window upens where you can give the new style a name. Enter the name and click on OK. The new style is created based on paragraph you just styled.

  • The second method consists of going directly to the Styles and Formatting window and clicking on the paragraph styles icon, and then Ctrl-clicking on any item in the list. In the contextual menu that appears, choose New... The format paragraph menu appears, where you can set the formatting characteristics that you want. Be sure to give a name to the style in the Organizer tab. Then click on OK.

Keep in mind that the paragraph styles you create are only available in the document in which you create them. If you want the styles to be available in other documents, you must create a template.

[edit] How to Modify Paragraph Styles

Once you have created paragraph styles, you can always modify the elements as you like. Simply place the cursor on the name of the paragraph style in the Styles and Formatting window and Ctrl-click or right click. A contextual menu will appear; choos Modify.... Enter the changes you wish to make in the window which opens. Then click on OK and the modification will be saved.

The modifications that you have made will immediately be applied to the paragraphs in your document which use this style.

[edit] How to Apply a Style to a Paragraph

Simply select the paragraph to which you want to apply a style and open the Styles and Formatting window. Double-click on the desired style.

N.B.: Sometimes the modification of a paragraph style can make changes in the following paragraphs. In order to avoid this, verify which styles are linked to the style of paragraph that you are using. To do so, place the cursor on the name of the style and ctrl-click on right-click. Choose Modifier.... Click on the tab Organizer. Verify that the style appears in the option [{prefName|Linked to }]. Make sure that the paragraph style you want for the paragraphs following the one which you are about to format is listed.

[edit] How to Import a Paragraph Style

Finally, you can import a paragraph style created in an older document and use it in your current document. To do so, use the following method:

  • Open the Styles and Formatting window; choose the type of style that you would like to import (Paragraph, Character, Frame, etc.), then click on the icon of a sheet with a green cross (at the far right of the window). Choose Load Styles....
  • In the window that opens, choose the Text option and click on From File...
  • Choose the document containing the style that you want to import and click on Open.

The imported style will be found in the Custon Styles category of the {window|Styles and Formatting}} window and can be applied to any paragraph in your document as indicated in the preceding sections

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