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Listed below are hints and topics from the forums at Trinity that need to be added to the wiki. You can help us by turning the content of these links into new articles by editing the stub pages.

For each topic below, there are two types of links; one to a "stub" page in the wiki and one to the actual thread at trinity. The wiki page link is provided to make creating the articles easier. If the wiki link is blue, a page is already set up for you, ready for editing. If the wiki link is red, clicking on it (if you have editing privileges) will create the page for you.

The links to the trinity threads (blue numbers in brackets with a link icon after the end bracket) are provided both for potential editors, and for those persons looking for answers to their questions. You can click on the link on this page to get to your answer more quickly. (Note that in some cases, the wiki page may contain quotes from the thread as well as links, and may be a faster route to the information you need.)

Note that the predominant language of the trinity forums is English, so most if not all of these threads will be in English. At the time of this writing (April 2007), there were French, Spanish, and Italian speakers among the "regulars" at trinity. If you are in need of a summary or explanation of a tip in one of these languages, post a request in the appropriate thread, and someone may be able to help you.


[edit] Calc Specific Tips

Adding a Graphic to a Header in Calc [1]

[edit] Writer Specific Tips

Exploiting Calc's consecutive Fill Down in Writer tables [2]
Extracting an Image from a Writer or .doc file [3]

Footnotes in Captions [4]
Setting Up Indented Paragraphs (e.g., like scriptwriter style) [5], [6], [7]

[edit] Database Specific Tips

Configuring FileMaker Pro [8] [9]

Connecting to your FileMaker Pro database from NeoOffice

Exporting databases for FileMaker Pro [10]

Exporting your NeoOffice database for FileMaker Pro (merge with above?)

Configuring postgresql [11]

Connecting to your postgresql database from NeoOffice

Configuring hsqldb [12]

Connecting to your hsqldb database from NeoOffice

Case Insensitive Filtering in Base [13]

Read-Only Forms and Difficulty Editing Data [14]

Using Listboxes [15]

link provides steps to display one field in the list box, but store a different field.

[edit] Impress Specific Tips

[edit] Miscellaneous Tips

Turning Off Contextual Toolbars [18]
Setting a Default Date Format [19]
Formatting and Printing Landscape Oriented pages [20]
Applying Smart Quotes to Imported Text [21]
Setting up language-specific templates[22] (could be added as a section of Editing Default Styles and Using Templates)
Creating Size-Optimized PDFs [23] (link to/from existing Methods of Exporting PDF compared article) Improving Responsiveness of NeoOffice on Older Macs [24] (link to this from places like the FAQ mentioning speed) How to create foldable greeting cards [25] (link to this new article from How_to_create_brochures and vice versa)

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