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NeoOffice Wiki

The NeoOffice project is no longer active
As a replacement, you may want to try LibreOffice

This is the official wiki for NeoOffice.

NeoOffice is an office suite for macOS that is based on old versions of OpenOffice and LibreOffice. With NeoOffice, you can view, edit, and save older OpenOffice and LibreOffice documents.

Note: if you need to view, edit, and save newer LibreOffice or Microsoft Office documents, you may want to try LibreOffice. In most cases, the latest version of LibreOffice can open and save Microsoft Office documents far better than NeoOffice.

Current Version

NeoOffice 2022.7 is the current version and runs natively on both Silicon and Intel Macs running macOS 11 Big Sur - macOS 14 Sonoma.

You can download NeoOffice 2022.7 from rom either of the following sites:


2022.7: This version fixes the following bugs:

  • Fix for LibreOffice copy/paste bug #49853.
  • Fix for LibreOffice Japanese keyboard bug #154708.
  • Fix for crash when spellchecking.

2022.6: This version adds the following features:

  • NeoOffice can now load Oracle's JDK 19 and higher.
  • NeoOffice has VoiceOver support again.

2022.5: This version fixes the following bugs:

  • VoiceOver support has been removed as several completely new crashing bugs were reported soon after we released 2022.4. While our fixes in 2022.4 do detect C++ pointers that LibreOffice has already deleted, our fixes only delayed crashing long enough that NeoOffice would eventually crash in a new set of code locations.

2022.4: This version fixes the following bugs:

  • NeoOffice would crash in several different code locations due to a failure of our new VoiceOver code to detect C++ pointers that LibreOffice has already deleted.
  • NeoOffice Professional Edition would not load the latest version Oracle's JDK 17.

2022.3: This version fixes the following bug:

  • Command-clicking on a hyperlink in a document would display a "fatal error" dialog and then crash if the hyperlink does not point to a local file. This bug was caused by our fix for LibreOffice bug 150873 that was added in the previous release to resolve any macOS aliases in a file path.

2022.2: This version adds the following new features:

  • VoiceOver support: We have finally succeeded in making the LibreOffice accessibility code work within NeoOffice's multithreaded architecture. With this change, NeoOffice now has support for VoiceOver and possibly other macOS accessibility features. Also, we have upgraded the LibreOffice accessibility code to use Apple's newer, more efficient NSAccessibilityElement class to significantly reduce memory usage.
  • Native popup menus: NeoOffice's underlying LibreOffice code does not support accessibility in its non-native popup menus so we have replaced most non-native popup menus with native menus.

Also, this version fixes the following bugs:

  • Fixed LibreOffice bug 145563 by adding separate fonts for each font's localized and unlocalized family and font names. This increases the likelihood of matching the family name in documents saved by OpenOffice and LibreOffice to an actual font.
  • Fixed LibreOffice bug 150873 by adding code that resolves any macOS aliases in a file path before a file path is opened by NeoOffice's underlying LibreOffice code.
  • Fixed a crash when quitting while NeoOffice is reloading a document by delaying document reloading when NeoOffice's quit handler code is running.

2022.1: This version fixes the following bugs:

  • When using the Sifr icons while in Dark Mode, most Sifr icons were nearly impossible to see against the color of NeoOffice's toolbar background.
  • When using mail merge, NeoOffice would unexpectedly quit when transitioning between some of the panels in the Mail Merge Wizard and would fail to save the mail merge results.
  • When pasting HTML into a Writer document, NeoOffice would sometimes crash.
  • When undoing text that has been changed using the Chinese conversion dialog, LibreOffice bug #91995 would occur in NeoOffice.
  • When dragging images from the Finder, dropping the image into NeoOffice would fail.
  • SSL support was missing from Python libraries bundled with NeoOffice Professional Edition.

New Features

This is the first version of NeoOffice that includes a universal installer and that runs natively on both Silicon and Intel Macs running on the following versions of macOS.

NeoOffice 2022 is still based on LibreOffice 4.4 so it should have the same features and behaviors as NeoOffice 2017.

Also, this version fixes the following bugs:

  • NeoOffice would hang when changing the font or text size while there is uncommitted text in a Writer comment (Issue #2)
  • When running in Dark Mode, changing any cells within the data range of a Calc chart would cause the chart's text color to invert when saving (Issue #3)

Archived Release Notes

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