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[edit] How to Number Pages

If you only want to insert the page number at a particular place in the document (but not in the header nor the footer), simply go to the Insert menu, choose Field and click on Page number. The page number will appear at the location of the cursor. If Field Shadings has been checked under the View menu, then a grey box will also appear.

If you want a page number to appear only on one page, or you want certain pages to be numbered and others not, you must use page styles. Consult the Using Page Styles article in this wiki for more information on page styles. When creating the page style, do not forget to activate a header or footer for the page. If you have created a page style and you want to edit it to include a page number, you must place the cursor on the style name (in the Styles and Formatting window) and right-click or control-click. Then choose the option Modify in the contextual menu that appears. Choose Header or Footer and activate it. Then click OK. Then go to the page where you have applied the corresponding style and place the cursor in the header or the footer, then in in the Insert menu, choose Field and click on Page Number.

Then you can select the page number in the header or the footer and apply the format you prefer: size, effects, color, etc. (by going to the Format menu and choosing Character...). The formatting that you have defined here will be applied to all the other pages using the same style.

Remember that you must verify the relationship between the various page styles (that is to say the style that will be applied to the following pages) by placing the cursor on the name of the style in the Styles and Formatting window and right-clicking or control-clicking. Then choose the option Modify in the contextual menu that appears. Go to the Organizer and verify that the correct style is listed in the Next Style box.

[edit] How to Set a Page other than the First page as Page Number 1

Sometimes you don't want the first page (or pages) of your document to have a page number, but instead want page numbering to start on a later page. To do this, you can separate the un-numbered pages or add a page break and use Page Styles.

The pages that are to have page numbers must have their own style (distinct from those pages that are not to include page numbers). Then, after you have created a header or a footer as explained above, you must go to the Insertion menu and choose Fields..., then click on Other. Then choose the Document tab and in the Type column, choose page, then in the Select column choose Page Numbers and in the Format column select the desired page numbering, for example Arabic (1 2 3) Verify that the Offset set according to the number of pages that are not to be numbered. (For example, if the first page is a title page, and you want the second page of the document to be page number 1, set the offset for -1.)

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