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NeoOffice Writer is a powerful opensource word processor able to handle everything from simple school reports to the more complicated needs of businesses. With its built-in Microsoft Office filters, NeoWriter can open, edit, and save your Word documents.

Writer is integrated into NeoOffice. This allows easy incorporation of spreadsheets from NeoCalc or drawings from NeoDraw in your NeoWriter documents.

As with the other components of NeoOffice, Writer supports writing in a wide range of languages and scripts, including support for right-to-left writing direction and other complex text layout systems.

The wiki includes a NeoOffice Feature Comparison with Microsoft Word and and a list of supported file formats.


[edit] Tips and Hints in the Wiki

Note that additional tips can be found on the New Articles Needed page, which contains links to stub pages and/or threads in trinity that need to be developed into full blown articles

[edit] Working With (Grid-like) Tables

[edit] Numbering Pages, Lines, Lists etc.

[edit] Indexes, Tables of Contents and Cross-References

[edit] Miscellaneous Tips

[edit] External Writer Tips

Writing Vertical Text
Printing More Than One Record on One Sheet of Paper (an article by Solveig Haugland)
Using the Bibliography Feature

[edit] Forms

Creating interactive forms with Writer Creating an interactive quiz form in Writer.
Creating Forms in Open Office (Discusses creating XML forms for data entry.)
Skip the input fields -- Make life easier with the Writer XML Forms (An article/tutorial by Solveig Haugland)

[edit] Lists and Numbering

  • Four articles by Solveig Haugland;
Using Fields Based on Jean Weber's technique
Restarting Numbering An older article; also uses fields. Lists A good intro to using Writers lists and styles features. Part 1 of 2
Using List Styles Part 2 of 2

[edit] Documentation and User Guides

Chapter 3 of the NeoOffice User Guide 3.2 Writer Guide

[edit] Sources for Writer Templates

Be sure to also see the list on template packages on the Editing Default Styles and Using Templates page. May of the sites and packages listed there include Writer templates along with templates for other modules. The templates and template packages listed below are specific to Writer.

  • Screenplay templates in sxw format, the format used by and NeoOffice 1.x. Newer versions of NeoOffice (and can read these files.

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