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Spellcheck and Writing Tools in NeoOffice

NeoOffice will correctly configure your preferences to use the language tools (spellcheck, thesaurus, etc.) for the language and region that are set as the defaults in the International pane of the System Preferences when you first launch NeoOffice, provided you have the appropriate writing tools installed.

NeoOffice 3.x will automatically use the native Mac OS X spelling dictionaries if they match the language of the text to be checked. See Issues with Locale Variants of Languages for more details.

However, if you add a word to the dictionary in NeoOffice, it will be added to your NeoOffice user dictionary, ~/Library/Preferences/NeoOffice-3.0/user/wordbook/standard.dic (where ~ represents your home folder), not your Mac OS X user dictionary. See Exporting the Word List from a User Dictionary for information on syncing the contents of standard.dic to your Mac OS X user dictionary.

NeoOffice also ships with a very limited number of writing tools (spelling dictionary, thesaurus, hyphenation), with many of the dictionaries and thesauri formerly found in NeoOffice 2.x omitted; if your language is not supported by the Mac OS X spelling system nor by the dictionaries shipped in NeoOffice, see Adding Additional Dictionaries for information on installing writing tools for your language. (If you want to disable unnecessary writing tools, see Disabling Writing Tools for Unnecessary Languages.)

On Mac OS X 10.5 and above, NeoOffice also includes support for the Mac OS X grammar checker (which on 10.5 supports only US English and only a limited subset of English grammar, at that); this can be activated by opening the Tools menu, selecting the Add-Ons sub-menu, and choosing one of the options from the Check Grammar sub-menu.

Additional Information about Spellcheck and Writing Tools

Changing the language of the NeoOffice user interface

NeoOffice uses the topmost language in the list in the International pane of the System Preferences to determine the interface language. If you want the NeoOffice user interface (and in some cases the Help) to be in your native language, you must install the appropriate language pack separately.

For details on using an interface language other than the one specified in the System Preferences, consult Changing the Language of the User Interface.

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