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Many NeoOffice users employ NeoOffice for writing long documents or for readying short articles for insertion into page layout programs like QuarkXPress and InDesign. While for the most part this is fairly seamless, there are a few quirks to take into account, particularly when choosing the file format to export to the programs.


[edit] Styles and Structure

In order for stylistic and structural formatting to transfer properly, be sure to set up styles in your document (or template) rather than simply applying loose formatting.

[edit] Export File Formats

Since neither QuarkXPress or InDesign can import OpenDocument (.odt) or XML (.sxw) files, it's necessary to choose an appropriate intermediary format. (Scribus, an open-source page layout application, does support OpenDocument; an Aqua version is under development.)

[edit] QuarkXPress

QuarkXPress 6.5 (status of later versions unknown) cannot handle the Windows encoding of letters with diacritical marks (e.g., é, ñ) preferred by NeoOffice's RTF filter. When exporting a file for use with QuarkXpress, Microsoft Word (.doc) is the best choice for an intermediate file format.

[edit] InDesign

Adobe InDesign handles RTF much better, and placing an RTF file exported from NeoOffice will preserve all formatting.

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