Importing a Calc Sheet into a Writer Table

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Sometimes you want to import the data from a spreadsheet into a Writer document. If you select the cells to import and do a copy and paste into your document, the table is imported as an OLE object, this is the default option.

If you want the data to be imported as a Writer table, you have two options:

  • Select the cells to be imported and copy them by choosing the Edit menu and then Copy or by pressing Cmd-C
  • In the Writer document, under the Edit menu, choose Paste special..

Then, either:

  • in the Selection section of the dialog window, choose Formatted text [RTF] and click on OK. The data is imported as a table.


  • In the Selection section of the dialog window, choose Unformatted text... and click on OK
    • Select the imported text (separated by tabs), go to the Table then Convert and Text to table
    • In the Convert Text to Table dialog window, choose the desired options and click on OK

To paste spreadsheet data into an existing Writer Table, you must create a new table as described above, then copy the contents of the new table and paste into the existing table.

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