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The Writer component of NeoOffice (and includes an automatic insert function named AutoText. It allows you to quickly and easily insert in a text document, often used expressions, which are sometimes long and complicated. You can add your personal autotexts to those which are included in NeoOffice. You can insert in the same manner pictures, tables, mathematical formulas.
So you have access to a sort of multiple clipboard.

Creating AutoTexts

  • Select the text, picture, table, formula you want to store (a picture has to be anchored as a character and followed and preceded by at least one text character).
  • Choose the Edit menu, then the AutoText… sub-menu, or press the keys Cmd+F3.
  • In the dialog which opens, select the My Autotext category.
  • Type the name you want for this Autotext. A shortcut is suggested to you, but you can choose another one.
  • Click the AutoText button then New.
  • Click the Close button.

You can create new categories, which allows you to sort your personal autotexts.
To do that:

  • Choose the Edit menu, then the AutoText… sub-menu, or press the keys Cmd+F3.
  • Click the Categories... button.
  • In the dialog which opens, type the name you want to give this category in the edit field.
  • In the pop-up menu Path be sure that the suggested path is ~Library/Preferences/NeoOffice 2.1/user/autotext/your_language, where ~ refers to your home folder. If not, change that path (you can't create new categories in the /Applications/ folder).
  • Click the New button. The new category appears in the list.
  • Click OK

Inserting Autotexts

Place the cursor where you want insert the AutoText. You have access to several methods:

  • Type the shortcut you gave that AutoText, then press F3


  • Choose the Edit menu, then the AutoText… sub-menu, or press the keys Cmd+F3.
    • Select the AutoText you want to insert, then click the Insert button


  • In the View menu choose the Toolbars sub-menu, then the Insert item
    • Click the icon AutoText (the third from the right side) and choose in the list of available categories My AutoText, or one of the categories you created, the AutoText you want to insert.

Modifying an AutoText

You can rename an AutoText, modify its content or delete it. To do any modification, you have to choose the Edit, then the AutoTexte sub-menu or press Cmd+F3. Select the AutoText you want to modify , then click the AutoText button
Then choose the modification you want to make:

  • To rename an AutoText click the Rename… item. In the dialog which opens, type a new name or a new shortcut for your AutoText and click OK
  • To modify the content of an AutoText click the Edit item. A page which contains the current text opens, edit that page.
    • Save your modifications by choosing the File menu, then selecting the Save AutoText item or pressing the keys Cmd+S as usual.
  • To delete an AutoText click the Delete item.

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