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A “Support FAQ” for NeoOffice


English Support

Because NeoOffice is a port of for Mac OS X, the majority of questions concerning the use of NeoOffice may be resolved by consulting English support sites for (Note that NeoOffice 3.0.x is based on the 3.0.x codebase.) A list of user guides, support sites, and other resources for NeoOffice and can be found on the Documentation and Related Resources page.

For any queries specifically relating to NeoOffice rather than to (generally areas where NeoOffice interacts with Mac OS X, e.g. printing), follow these steps:

  1. Make sure you have the latest patch
  2. Refer first to the NeoWiki; type a keyword or keywords into the search box to find pages related to your issue.
  3. Check out the Troubleshooting Tips page of the wiki.
  4. Refer to one or more of the NeoOffice specific resources on the Documentation and Related Resources page of the wiki.
  5. Search the trinity fora for key words or phrases in your question; many questions have already been answered, sometimes several times over, and can be found with a quick search of the "NeoOffice Support" forum.
  6. If you still can't find the answer to your question after exhausting all other resources and you are a NeoOffice contributor, by all means ask your question in the NeoOffice Support forum on trinity. The forum language is English, but there are on a regular basis French- and Dutch-speaking users who may be able to help with problems of translation.

Installing NeoOffice


First Launch

General Troubleshooting

How Do I...?

Note that most questions about usage of NeoOffice are best directed toward general support resources, where there is a greater chance of a receiving a quick and correct answer. The NeoWiki and trinity fora are focused on NeoOffice- and Mac-specific tips and issues (i.e., where things interact with Mac OS X).

Other Useful Information

If you've found these support resources helpful, please consider making a payment to support the continued development of NeoOffice.

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