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Join the "Neo Advocacy" effort — Spreading the Word about NeoOffice

There are still millions of Mac users unaware of the joy that is NeoOffice.

Frankly, we think that's tragic.

Many open source projects do not have the benefit of a massively-funded advertising campaign, and NeoOffice is no exception. Our software does not rely on clever mass-marketing or hyperbolic slogans. Rather, it stands or falls on its own merit.

Word-of-mouth is the primary way Macintosh users will discover NeoOffice. To that end, we in the NeoOffice community invite you to help us spread-the-word! A favorable remark here, a word of praise there, whether in your daily conversations, on the Web, on an (appropriate) mailing list, in a blog entry, etc., will all help NeoOffice gain exposure, mindshare, and users—thus making the world better and safer for freedom. If you need some goodies to convince people, take a look at what's in the NeoOffice press kit. And for your blog or website, we're developing and collecting NeoOffice Graphics you can use.

Also, please consider joining our Community Relations team (see the related forum topic on Trinity) — Respond to uninformed news stories/postings on other forums, celebrate new NeoOffice releases, and so forth! It's no Spread, but we're working on it.

Activities of the NeoOffice Community Relations Team

The following is an in-progress guide to what the Community Relations team does. More info will be added as needed.

If you want to join the team and help us out, leave a message in our forum topic on Trinity!

If you just want to suggest a site where we should maintain a product listing, know of a current listing not included below, or if you know of a site to which we should send an announcement of new NeoOffice releases, please add the site(s) to the appropriate section(s) below.

Maintaining NeoOffice Software Listings

Online Listings We Maintain

Sites Where We Should Be Listed

  • ZDNet/CNet/ — $9/mo. fee
  • TUCOWS — overly complex and restrictive listing agreement
  • Macintosh Products Guide (resubmit when 1.1 Final released) done since 1.1 final was released
  • Regional-specific software sites — de, fr, it, etc. — NeoOffice is localized into 40 languages, from Afrikaans to Zulu!
Members of the Community Relations team should consult the Guide to adding or updating a NeoOffice software listing for more information on adding or updating a listing.

Listings or Endorsements from Others

These are software listings not maintained by the Community Relations team or sites which actively encourage their users to try or adopt NeoOffice (ongoing moreso than "mentioned once in this blog").

Someone(s) needs to contact each of these sites and fill them in on the rebranding of the apps as NeoOffice.

Press and Other Activities of the "NeoOffice Community Relations" Team


  • Help Ed with "corrections" to Slashdot stories/FUD about Mac OOo and Neo
  • Follow-up on other reports/reviews of NeoOffice (e.g. on MacBidioulle's wrong screenshots for 1.1 Beta)
  • Keep NeoOffice on the radar by announcing on some sites more frequently (patch releases, etc.)
    • Our Freshmeat listing is updated for each patch
    • Which sites are appropriate for this type of higher-frequency releases? (Which won't get "mad" about frequent release notices for smaller updates and which won't bring too many new users who are more well-adapted to more stable releases?)
      • MacInTouch often picks up on our alpha/beta/etc. releases
  • Et cetera


Major NeoOffice Releases

* Defined as Beta and Final, not Alpha or Release Candidate. Additionally, never use the wiki in a link used for major press coverage!

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