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The "press juggernaut" we hoped would accompany the NeoOffice/J 1.1 release didn't quite materialize—in part, we're sure, because two successive slashdottings took out the wiki for two weeks!—but there was a nice spread of coverage in the Mac media nonetheless.

Special thanks to the members of the Community Relations team for their hard work on drafting and distributing the announcement and putting together the NeoOffice/J Press Kit, and also to the folks at FreeSMUG who, in addition to serving as one of the primary mirrors of the NeoOffice/J binaries, posted the news of the release on many Mac and free/open source fora. Thanks also to all members of the NeoOffice/J community who carried the release on their blogs, posted comments and tips in fora, and picked up where the coordinated efforts left off! The release was a phenomenal success because of the great team effort—and of course solid software from our NeoOffice/J engineers!

Without further ado, a non-exhaustive list of news sites (and a couple of prominent bloggers and newsletters) that covered the NeoOffice/J 1.1 release.


[edit] Selected Press Coverage

We also got a little sketch from MacGeneration :

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