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N.B. Some of the graphics on this page (or on the linked pages) are out-of-date following the decision to rebrand NeoOffice/J as NeoOffice beginning with version 1.2 Alpha. Additionally, NeoOffice 2.0 Aqua Beta features all-new Finder icons and splash screen/about graphics.

This page is a repository of graphics suitable for use in "end-user" promotion of NeoOffice. For logo graphics for media/press purposes, please visit the NeoOffice 2.1 Press Kit; for graphics related to CD distribution, please visit the NeoOffice CD Distribution & Trademark Usage page.



  • Fonts, colors?
  • Official slogan: Bringing the power of to Mac OS X
Some discussion of fonts, colors, guidelines in this thread at trinity (among the other Press Kit items)

The thread to hash out these details is Neo promotional graphics in "NeoWiki Development"


Official NeoOffice 2.x banner/header415x95, 72 dpi, 32 KB
Official NeoOffice 2.x banner/header
415x95, 72 dpi, 32 KB
Official NeoOffice 1.x banner/header415x95, 72 dpi, 23 KB
Official NeoOffice 1.x banner/header
415x95, 72 dpi, 23 KB


Image:NeoOffice_btn_001.png Image:NeoOffice_btn.png
Sample buttons from xslf

CD Labels

knutkja has created the official NeoOffice CD labels and sleeves; they are available here (1.2.2 final) and here (NeoOffice 2.0 Aqua Beta).

If you will be distributing CDs, please make sure you are in compliance with the NeoOffice CD Distribution & Trademark Usage policies.

Source Materials

Finder and Toolbar/In-App Icons

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