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Guide to Adding or Updating a NeoOffice Software Listing

What is a Software Listing?

The NeoOffice Community Relations Team likes to keep the public aware of updates and new releases of NeoOffice. Several websites, such as VersionTracker or MacUpdate, offer daily listings of newly available or updated software packages for end-users. Other sites, such as Freshmeat, focus not on end-users directly, but on developers of free and open-source software projects.

Our goal is to update both types of sites when new versions of NeoOffice are released or when the project information (such as new URLs or contact information) changes. Aside from the NeoOffice homepage, NeoOffice.org, and this wiki, these external site listings are the "public face" of the NeoOffice project, and in many cases are the first point of contact with new users.

See the Neo Advocacy page for the current catalog of listings.

Registering an Account to Maintain a Listing

  • Use the official @neooffice.org alias, not the Community Relations email account
  • Account Name, "Company Name", and/or Developer should be NeoOffice.org
  • Ensure final details are logged in the Community Relations email account
    • Include "developer update URL", if applicable
  • For new listings, add the URL to the world-accessible listing to the collection on the Neo Advocacy page.

Links and URLs

Body of the Listing

  • Up-to-date "descriptive text"[1]
  • What's New in This Version (summarize from the Release Notes)
  • Correct icon and screenshot displayed
  • When listing a patch, be sure to maintain a prominent link for the appropriate full version of NeoOffice and indicate that the full version is required before installing a patch


  • Ensure you're updating the correct branch or version (especially at VersionTracker and Freshmeat)

Other Items to Include or Watch

  • Add here (or to other relevant section) as needed


[1] See latest NeoJUpdates.sxw file in the Community Relations email account

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