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Buttons and Banners

  • What about web buttons and banners? Where do they fit it?
  • Do we have guidelines re fonts used, colors, logo, slogan?
  • How much can we/should we use marketing stuff?

BTW, I started working on a few buttons. Here is a blank one: Image:NeoOffice_btn.png

And one only with NeoOffice/J (non-optimised yet): Image:NeoOffice_btn_001.png

Developing Repositories and Policies

How about NeoOffice Graphics to house these efforts? Add your buttons when they're ready :-)

No real guidelines (yet), although the general policy has been to follow the scheme of the splash/about box/icon and avoid anything that is too closely OOo (no gulls!). There's some scattered discussion in the thread that produced both the Press Kit and the CD Distributor labels.

Official slogan is "Bringing the power of to Mac OS X"; it's done in Skia on the splash. "NeoOffice®/J" I think is in Georgia. Dan Bennett (foxcorner) is the designer and will have all the details (he responds to PMs on trinity) as well as additional source graphics I don't have. Of course, we don't have to replicate things exactly....

As for OOo marketing stuff, I guess it depends on what manner we want to use it and the license...?

A new thread in Random Whatnot is probably the best place to hammer out all the details (we get the guidance of Patrick and Ed, who don't follow the wiki regularly)....

--sardisson 02:16, 18 Jun 2005 (CDT)

Thanks. I opened a thread here: Xslf 05:38, 18 Jun 2005 (CDT)

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