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Information on Editing and Wiki Syntax

  • From the MediaWiki site
  • From the Wikipedia

Stylistic and Editorial Policies for the NeoWiki

had some rules on the old wiki. They went something like:

  • Keep the pages short. If a page is long, it probably contains too many subjects and should be split into two or more pages.
  • MediaWiki splits title words on spaces (and transforms them into underscores in page URLs). Name new pages with a descriptive title.
    NeoJInfo is a bad page title.
    Information about NeoOffice or NeoOffice Information are good page titles.
  • Both title case (Adding a Search Control to a Form) and sentence case (Contributing to the NeoOffice projects) are acceptable for page titles the English wiki. For page titles with a large number of words (more than a half-dozen or so), sentence case is slightly more popular; for shorter titles, title case is preferred. (See Style and Formatting Guide for section titles.)
  • Try to avoid using most non-alphanumeric characters in page titles, unless such characters are required by your language (e.g. "captures d'écran" in French) or essential to making the title of the article clear. Hyphens and periods are OK, but characters such as commas, semi-colons, quotes, and parentheses should be avoided. Colons should only be used for pages in Namespaces (such as Help:Contents) or our language pseudo-namespaces (e.g., Fr:Accueil).
  • Do not choose page titles which end with scp or ftp or other well-known internet protocols, or common extensions for executable files (exe); the server will not display those pages.
  • Always add a comment (summary) of your change.
  • When adding a new page, be sure to include the appropriate Category tag(s) on the page.
  • For discussion or questions, post on the Talk (discussion) page for the article or editor in question (for discussion around a specific edit), or start a new thread in the NeoWiki forum at trinity.
  • Rebranding: consult the Rebranding page for the latest info about rebranding NeoOffice/J as NeoOffice in the wiki
  • When linking to a page at, English pages must use language-agnostic urls, e.g. instead of
    Doing so allows redirecting to a user's preferred language if it exists on
  • When linking to a post in the Trinity forums, prefer the http URL (Trinity current will redirect logged in or logged out users as appropriate, but old links are all http and most visitors are likely not going to be logged-in users).

Style and Formatting Guide

When adding new information to the wiki or editing existing information, always adhere to the NeoWiki Style guidelines below:

  • Menus, submenus, and menu items - always use sentences, not "->" or other shorthand. And not just sentences, but sentences that instruct the user on what to do (pull down menus, select buttons, check boxes, etc.) in the order that they appear to the user. E.g., "In the View menu, under Toolbars, select Customize." Names of the menu, submenu, or item are boldface.
    • Use the Menu template: {{menu|Name of Menu or Menu Item}}
  • "Dialogue/window titles" or "Preference Option Name" - currently, sometimes boldface, sometimes in "quotes"
    The format for the above elements has yet to be frozen; they should stand out but also more easily be distinguished from menus and filenames.
    • Use the Window template for dialogue/window titles: {{Window|Title of Window}}
    • Use the prefName template for preferences/options (selecting a radio button, checkbox, or item from a pop-up menu): {{prefName|Text of Preference/Option}}
    • Use the Section template for names of sub-sections in different preference windows (e.g. Printer Warnings in the Print preferences) or for tabs in a tabbed window: {{section|Name of Preference Section or Tab}}
      See Image:Section_vs_prefName.png for an illustration.
      Also use the Section template for names of items in the sidebar in the Preferences window (e.g., "NeoOffice Writer" or "Tables")
  • Buttons - this format needs to decided upon yet. For now, treat as above.
    • Use the Button template: {{button|Name of Button}}
  • Keyboard commands (e.g., pressing return or ⌘-S, but not typing a string of text): {{key|name of key/shortcut combination}}
  • Filenames - standalone—not part of a path—should be boldface.
    • Application Names - when referring to another application in an article (e.g., "Open Activity Monitor and click…"), use boldface.
  • Paths (including paths ending with a filename) or Terminal commands - use the <tt>typewriter</tt> tag for single lines or, heaven forbid, the <pre>
    preformatted text
    </pre> tag for blocks of code.
  • For section titles, both title case (e.g. Recording a Simple Macro) and sentence case (How to create a character style) are acceptable for the English wiki. Be consistent within an individual article. Note that if you are cleaning up an existing article, other articles might link to the existing section names, so perform due diligence to find and correct those links when cleaning up.
  • Use NeoOffice and, not Neo and OOo (in certain cases, such as the trademark guidelines or press materials, use NeoOffice® instead).
  • While the MediaWiki editing guidelines referenced above call for authors and editors to always sign contributions, the NeoWiki does not adhere to that practice in articles. Similar to an encyclopedia, we want to present a unified article, unbroken by editing dates and user signatures.
    • When adding items to Discussion (Talk:) pages, do sign your additions/comments.

Mac vs. Windows/Unix/Linux Conventions

Since the goal of NeoOffice is making more Mac-like, we should always prefer "Mac conventions" where possible; e.g., sending someone to the Activity Monitor utility to quit a hung process instead of ps -aux | grep blah, and using the Preferences… item in the NeoOffice menu rather than the Windows-like Tools menu, Options item.

If something can't be done (or can't be done as easily) without firing up the Terminal, fine, but let's prefer Mac-friendly instructions. (This also conforms with Waldo's points 3-6 in the style guide discussion.)

Fixme articles

We employ the fixme template and its localized equivalents (see below) to indicate articles that are in need of work. Sometimes an article is only in need of style fixes, or changes such as turning a quick list of facts into a readable article; sometimes the content needs updating for changes in NeoOffice or Mac OS X, but sometimes the article needs a complete rewrite.

Also, when making a significant update to an English page that is translated, NeoWiki editors usually try to mark the corresponding translations with those languages' fixme templates to make sure the translators know to update their translations.

If you understand the changes that need to be made and have made them, you should remove the fixme template from the article. If you're unsure what changes need to be made to an article, or if your editing has fixed the article, ask in the NeoWiki forum on trinity.

Notes about URLs in Templates

When including URLs to trinity (or similar pages with ? = & and other characters in them) in templates directly, the characters must be encoded or they'll fubar the display of the template (it seems the = are the most problematic; who'd have thought!?):

From MediaWiki, with a few additions they missed:

Conversion (hexadecimal ASCII value with a percent sign in front):

 "   #   $   %   &   '   (   )   *   ,   :   ;   <   >   [   ]   ^   `   {   |   }   ?   =
%22 %23 %24 %25 %26 %27 %28 %29 %2a %2c %3a %3b %3c %3e %5b %5d %5e %60 %7b %7c %7d %3f %3d

Available Templates

Here is an incomplete list of the templates already started for the NeoWiki. (As time permits, we will try to better document the use of them)

Editing help for Templates

See also Guidelines for Translating the NeoWiki#Notes for information on translating templates and the new and deprecated naming schemes for such templates.

( and Phillipe have added several new templates recently [Nov 2005]) - All Templates

Administrative Templates

Formatting templates

Content Templates

Wiki Translation Templates

There are also a series of style and content templates specific to the wiki translation efforts; see Guidelines for Translating the NeoWiki for more info about these templates. Please do not replace these templates with other templates or use these templates for other purposes. A non-exhaustive list (will grow as more languages are added) follows.




established the Test page for everyone to use to try out editing and wiki techniques without fear of messing up any of the existing pages. If you want to experiment with how the wiki works, do so on that page.

Style Guide Discussion

For details about how we arrived at these rules and other discussion of the Style Guide, see Style Guide Discussion on this article's Discussion page.

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