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New User Accounts at the NeoWiki

New to the wiki? Well, once upon a time you could just click a link, saddle up, and poof you were a wiki editing fool (like me). But then we had this attack of spammers here. Well, to keep them types out we have had to progressivly make it more difficult to edit. First it was only users can edit, but now, only Admins can make new users.

So you want to be a user? Well, as long as you aren't a spammer, we want you as a user! Here is how you go about becoming a registered NeoWiki user:

  1. Please participate in the NeoOffice forums on trinity before requesting a wiki account.
  2. Email the sysops at this address: address forthcoming
    In the meantime, send a personal message (PM) to sardisson or narf on trinity
  3. In the private message, let the sysops know:
    1. your name
    2. your email address
    3. what username you want
  4. The wiki admins will set up your account and the wiki will PM you back with your temporary password.
    • Also, be sure to add neowiki AT neooffice DOT org to your email address book or spam filters to ensure you receive email messages from the wiki.
    • N.B. There have been a few reports of PMs failing; if you haven't heard back from the wiki admin within a couple of days, post in the NeoWiki Development forum on trinity to let us know.
  5. Once you get your email, be sure to log in to the wiki, and then
    • change your password
    • validate your email address
    • You can optionally set other preferences (the timezone, default language of the wiki "skin", editing options, etc.), and you can also create your user page (by clicking on your username at the very top edge of the page).
  6. Please read the NeoWiki Style Guide before you start editing.
  7. If you are starting a new translation, please also read Guidelines for Translating the NeoWiki.
  8. Be sure to read the NeoWiki Development forum on trinity periodically to keep up-to-date on the latest developments.

Please do not take this as us being elitist or stuck up or generally not so nice people. We want the spammers out, as they were not just posting links but destroying pages. People like you, who want to post and be constructive, we want in.

-jacob, one of them admin types

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