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Current Status

2005-11-20: Bulk of English wiki rebranding complete (sardisson)

Rebranding Tasks and Strategy

  • Change text on Main Page just before 1.2 Alpha (or implement Jake's Newmainpage)
    We need new text for the tag line there, and perhaps for the NeoOffice/J page
    • Ditto with NeoOffice/J Release Notes (partially done; that page now redirects to NeoOffice/J 1.1 Release Notes
      this will be done via the standard Release Notes Move/Rename procedure
      however, also change the redirect on NeoOffice/J Release Notes to point to NeoOffice Release Notes, since the latter is the new stable relnotes URL and lots of places may still have the old stable URL
    • Update NeoOffice/J and Aqua just before 1.2 Alpha with the latest Java/Cocoa info
  • Use the Move function to move (rename) pages that have /J in their titles
    • Delete redirects in December/Jan after everyone has time to update links
  • System Reqs: remove 10.2 on any page describing 1.2 Alpha
    • OK for "historical" pages describing 1.1
  • ~/Library/NeoOfficeJ-1.1 --> ~/Library/NeoOffice-1.2
    • ~/Library/NeoOfficeJ-1.1 --> ~/Library/Preferences/NeoOffice-1.2
      • ~/Library/NeoOfficeJ-1.1 --> ~/Library/Preferences/NeoOffice-1.x - we need to check any of the earlier pages and fix this again, if I fixed it earlier....
  • NeoOffice/J menu --> NeoOffice menu (sa: need new screenshots)
    This is mostly in the NeoOffice/J Tips and Hints subpages
  • Include "rebranding" in your edit notes
  • Ensure that the French wiki is also updated before 1.2 Alpha
    • Exercise caution when moving pages that have a French translation already
      the French wiki is expanding rapidly, and all the pages might not be properly tagged as equivalents
    • Both the French and English versions will need their links in their botlangbar templates updated
  • Keep the "Category" as /J for now; move to "NeoOffice" in Feb and let /J be for /J-only content
  • Fix redirects/internal page links from Smokey's last-minute rebranding for 1.2a


  • SW Listings (VT/MU/Apple/FM) when 1.2 Alpha comes out
  • Get the links on the sidebar on fixed once all the moving is done
    some links still point to page names that are no longer in use!
  • Project name in Bugzilla is still "NeoOffice/J" (and the query menu defaults to NeoLight)


aside from changing links that are redirects after the renaming of other pages


Still to Do

  • Clean up the re-directs and any internal links (i.e., [[NeoOffice/J]]) I've missed
  • Clean up the language link-backs on the French pages (point to new English pages)
  • Rebrand the French wiki and clean up the language link-backs on the English pages

"Historical" pages that won't be changed

Most of these pages are now connected via the Legacy Information page, which has a Main Page link via the "Download * Patch * Neo/J 1.1?" line

  • Old Release Notes
  • Neo/J 1.1 Release Announcemnt, etc.
  • NeoOffice/J Press Kit (until next Neo final release)
    I think what we should do here is use the "Release Notes" method of page updating once we get close to 1.2 Alpha: move the existing Press Kit to "Neo/J 1.1 Press Kit" and then start a "new" "NeoOffice Press Kit" for 1.2 Alpha/Final, based on the existing content of the 1.1 Kit. Then we'll always have a full snapshot of the press materials for a specific release (as opposed to recovering the state via the wiki history) as well as a current version.
  • NeoOffice/J_Feature_Comparison - do the same as above when we rev this for 1.2 and OOo 2
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