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This template is for mentions of NeoOffice version number anywhere on the wiki other than all the Main Pages and Main Page elements (MainPageNews, NeoWords). Currently this template simply includes Template:NeoMainPageVer, so by using this template, we should be able to change the version just twice--Template:NeoMainPageVer and Template:NeoMainPageVerLink--and update the number in all the Main Page mentions in all languages.

This is a separate template because Template:NeoMainPageVer has a longstanding, limited, defined usage and any unexpected changes to it (to accommodate different usages) could break the Main Page. If we need to change the format of this template, however, we are free to do so without fear of breaking the Main Page (with the caveat that the note on Template:NeoMainPageVer needs to be updated to indicate that this template also has to be updated for version bumps).

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