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[edit] Parts of the documentation which should be changed for NeoOffice

  • Mac-specific (could be used by Mac OOo in general):
    • Ctrl references to Cmd (this seems to be done in 1.1 Beta most places)
    • "Using Shortcut Keys" (Alt+letter for menus)
    • Anything with Alt probably doesn't work (alt/opt+key for entry of special chars on Mac)
      • Some places seem to have Alt replaced by Opt in 1.1 Beta
      • Manual hyphens broken because they rely on Opt
    • Right-click (?—it will work w/multi-button mice but not Apple mice or trackpads)
    • "Modifying an Existing Installation"
    • "Switching Between Insert Mode an Overwrite Mode": no insert key to switch
    • Cmd-Tab/Shift-Cmd-Tab belong to the OS app switcher
    • Cmd-Space belongs to keyboard layout switcher (non-breaking space mapped to opt-space, the Mac standard shortcut)
    • Setting the default association for file types (the help page is MS Office/Win-only); see Setting the Default Application in the wiki for instructions
  • Neo-specific:
    check the NeoOffice Tips and Hints page for some of these
    • "Getting support for NeoOffice at ..." (also called from Help>Support menu item; Patrick was going to try and change the menu item URL to point to trinity for 1.2 Alpha)
    • Printing & Fonts, esp. "Setting up Printer, Fax and Fonts Under UNIX® Based Platforms"
    • "Export as PDF" and related topics
    • Inserting a scanned image

[edit] Just keep looking through the help files to find items!

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