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Testing Window Templates

For window and dialogue names in the Style Guide

In the Page Style dialogue, select Bar.

In the Style dialogue, select Bar.

Check the box for This document only; this will make the language settings apply only to the current document.

Choose the Cancel button. Choose the Open this page button.

In the Complex Text Layout section, click Enable CTL.

    • Or, use the Menu template: {{menu|Name of Menu/Menu Item}}
  • "Dialogue/window titles" or "Preference Option Name" - currently, sometimes boldface, sometimes in "quotes"
    The format for the above elements has yet to be frozen; they should stand out but also more easily be distinguished from menus and filenames.
    • Use the Window template for dialogue/window titles: {{Window|Title of Window}}
    • Use the prefName template for preferences/options (selecting a radio button, checkbox, or item from a pop-up menu): {{prefName|Text of Preference/Option}}
    • Use the Section template for names of sub-sections in different preference windows (e.g. Printer Warnings in the Print preferences) or for tabs in a tabbed window: {{section|Name of Preference Section or Tab}}
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