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Coordinating tasks and volunteers for NeoOffice/J 1.1 Release

Related trinity thread: Translating 1.1 Announcement & Release Coordination

We'll "archive" this page (as 1.1 Release Tasks or something) when it's time for the next big release and create a "new" Release Tasks page based on this template (i.e., remove all the <strike> stuff and assorted notes and commentary) for that release.


[edit] Wiki things


  • New text on front page
Um, the date is wrong. It should be the 22nd, not today.


  • Need a 1.1 release story



* Please replace the ship logo with one that has a transparent background. This one looks ugly over the mediawiki book background. Just select the PNG white area in Photoshop and press backspace (or something). -Ovvldc 07:35, 20 Jun 2005 (CDT)

  • Xslf has also complained about that recently, as have I in the past (the current version is a JPG, not a PNG at all). I have uploaded a version of the ship logo that is only 26K (as opposed to the 40K it was in the past. Please use that one, Jake. --sardisson 15:34, 20 Jun 2005 (CDT)
    --Jake promised to do this tonight, when he gets back from birthdaying. Felix natailis tibi, Jake! (And thanks!) --sardisson 19:19, 21 Jun 2005 (CDT)
  • Three cheers for Jake! We now have a transparent PNG as the NeoWiki logo!
    What's the position on favicons? Bad? Good? Who-cares? I have a nice little ship-in-globe favicon-sized PNG we can use as neowiki's favicon, if you want. See the NeoWiki "mirror" for a real-life test.
    --sardisson 01:49, 11 Jul 2005 (CDT)


  • Update at least the downloads page
  • Send announcement to Louis???

[edit] Listings

  • Freshmeat (also update from "beta" to "stable" in the categories)
  • VT (also "Tiger Ready")
  • MU
  • Apple Downloads (need a "what's new since RC" list for this)
  • Submit to Macintosh Products Guide
New screenshot for all
sardisson, Tues night PDT
VT & MU jumped the gun and announced when Patrick uploaded new versions of planamesa/neojava

[edit] Announcement

Submit the announcement to media outlets and man the Community Relations Gmail account for follow-up

sites with "form" or "email" after them have contact info already in emails in the Community Relations account
  • Determine timing of announcement submission (Mon/Tues as able?)

  • EN_UK
    JKT, Rays: can you add sites/publications to this section?
    JKT: Most of the sites I visit are US ones (when it comes to Mac/Tech news) but here are some possibilities:
    • MacWorld (UK edition): (not sure who to e-mail there but they should be sympathetic given the presence of NOJ on their cover CD) - Press Releases - News, Reviews
    • The Register is worth a shot: (again not sure who to e-mail, but Andrew Orlowski or Tony Smith tend to be the ones who report on Mac news) - Press Releases
    • MacUser/PC Pro: Magazine requests that press releases and news items should be submitted to Releases
    • MacFormat Magazine: Reviews: Mark Sparrow Editor: Graham Barlow
    • The National Broadsheets might be worth a go too but I suspect this would be a long shot (for their online versions in their Sci/Tech sections):
      • The Guardian:
      • The Times:
      • The Daily Telegraph: they don't seem to have any easy to find contact address so screw them ;-)
      • The Independent: ditto the Indy - no contact e-mail that I can find
        • Er, I can't remember others at the moment... The Guardian runs an online blog that may pick up the news from other sites anyway, fwiw.
  • DE
    • contact info for lots of German Mac media, provided by
      Done, except for the ones that seemed very un-Mac/un-tech AFAICT. Sent the English text with an apology saying we wanted to make sure to include them anyway...
  • NL
    Ovvldc. I will put the forum registrations to the name of NeoOffice and send these to my own e-mail address for now. After the release dies down, I will change the adresses to our community gmail account and forward the passwords. I'll do forum postings on wednesday as follow-up.

[edit] Actual Press

We also got a little sketch from MacGeneration :

This section has moved to a new NeoOffice/J 1.1 Press Coverage page.

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