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NeoOffice Base allows you to either connect to an external database (MySQL, dBase, Calc, etc.) or to create an "embedded database" using the included HSQL database engine. In addition to entering and editing data, you can create Queries, Views, and Forms, as well as access any registered datasource in Writer and Calc documents.


Tips and Hints in the Wiki

Note that some of the pages are "stubs" consisting mostly of links to discussions on trinity.

Additional tips can be found on the New Articles Needed page, which contains links to stub pages and/or threads in trinity that need to be developed into full blown articles.

Connecting to and Importing from Other Databases

Other Base Tips in the Wiki

External Tips

Documentation, Tutorials, etc.

User Guides and Documentation

User Guides and Other "General" Documentation


Using Macros in Base

HSQLDB and SQL Documentation



Probably the oldest forum users. It is well frequented.
A newer forum. Many of the regulars also frequent, so double posting is not reccommended.


A new series of tutorials being written by one of NeoWiki's editors. Follows the creation of a database for tracking birding trips and sightings.
step-by-step construction of a small relational database for employees, with some advanced concepts like forms toward the end


includes lots of good links to documentation and tutorials

Database Examples

  • Gemstone. A double entry accounting system.
  • Herbs An example which tracks groups, cures, and myths for herbs. A commercial site, but the Herbs example database is Free.

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