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This is the "home page" for a series of tutorial articles. The tutorials follow the creation of a database designed to serve as a birder's log, tracking birding field trips, bird sightings, etc. This project is still very much in process. More tutorials will appear over time. Note that the red links are articles that have not yet been written. In some caes, they are followed by a blue number in brakets. These are links to forum threads or other pages containing information I plan to use in the articles; they are also provided here for those who need more information about those features of base.

Designing the Database "On Paper" (Thinking through how to organize your data before building the database.)
Creating a Table From a Spreadsheet (Importing data from (not connecting to) a spreadsheet.)
Creating a Table in Design View
Establishing Relationships
Creating a Simple Data Entry Form
Creating A Data Entry Form With A Subform
More On Forms

Adjusting Form Properties
Using Combo Boxes in a Form
Adding a Button To Open Another Form
Setting the Tab Order in a Form
Adding a Search Control to a Form [1]
Using Formatted Fields [2]

Using a Query to Combine Fields From Different Tables
Using the Group Function in a Query (Creating a Query that lists all bird species seen.)

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