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This article is part of the To Base and Back Again tutorial series.

[edit] Creating the Form

While data can be entered directly into the tables, it is often much easier to use a form. Here we will make a Locations Data Entry form, to enter information on different locations visited by the birdwatcher using the database.

  1. Open the database document
  2. In the Database column of the main database document window, click on Forms
  3. In the Tasks section, click on Use Wizard to Create form...
    -->The Form Wizard window appears
  4. In the Tables or Queries drop down, select Table: Locations
  5. Since we want all the fields to appear, click on the >> button
    -->All the fields appear in the Fields in the Form column
    Note: If you wanted only certain fields on the form, you would select the fields in the Available Fields column and then click the > button.
  6. Click Next>
  7. We don't need a subform for this form, so click Next> again.
  8. Choose an arrangement in the Arrangement of Main Form. I opted for the farthest right arrangement, described as In Blocks - Labels Above
  9. Click Next>
  10. Choose a data entry mode. I opted for The form is to display all data.
  11. Leave all the check boxes unchecked, unless you want those restrictions
  12. Click Next>
  13. Select the Background color and effects you desire
  14. Click Next>
  15. Enter a name for the Form. I chose Locations Data Entry
  16. Choose to either work with the form (to begin data entry) or Modify the form (to alter the form layout.)
  17. Click Finish
    -->The Form Wizard window will disappear. Then the form itself will disappear. It will appear as though Neo has hung, but be patient. In a few seconds, the new form will reappear .

[edit] Entering Data

If you are actually creating a database while following the tutorial, you will need to enter some data to be used in later exercises. Make sure that the form is not in Design Mode (If the blue drafting triangle on the toolbar is highlighted, click it to turn Design Mode off). Enter the following data for two locations:

LocationName City County StateOrProvince Country TerrainType WaterType Comments
Erehwon Rienville Utopia AA Imaginarium Beach Ocean Test location
Clamath Falls Atlantis Shangrila BZ Arturus Prime Woods River Test Location

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