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NeoImpress is the presentation component of NeoOffice. Impress allows you to create presentations that include graphics, animation, transition effects, and more. Impress can read Microsoft PowerPoint presentations. Impress does not currently include support for video elements, and music elements play only during the slide to which they are attached.

The wiki includes a NeoOffice Feature Comparison with Microsoft Word and and a list of supported file formats for NeoOffice Impress and the other components of NeoOffice.

Tips and Hints in the Wiki

Note that additional tips can be found on the New Articles Needed page, which contains links to stub pages and/or threads in trinity that need to be developed into full blown articles.

Using Impress-External Links

Inserting Spreadsheet Tables into Your Presentation
Printouts of Your Handouts


Chapter 5 of the NeoOffice User Guide

Impress uses many of the same features as Draw, so Chapter 6 of the Guide also contains documentation on Impress features.

OOo Authors Impress Guide

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