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We're working on an announcement for the Aqua Beta public release, as well as beginning work on the NeoOffice 2.0 Press Kit.

Some articles are marked with the "Fixme" category; these articles need fixing of some sort.


There is also some work on drafting overview brochures/explanations of the various component programs.

We are also working on setting up French and German versions of this wiki, and once we have that all figured out, other versions for those who want to translate the NeoWiki into their languages.

If you're interested in helping (either with French or German or starting a translation in your own language), please visit Guidelines for Translating the NeoWiki for more information on getting started!

Don't forget to consult the Style Guide!

Past events that will reoccur

We are drafting an announcement for the upcoming 1.1 release. In addition, a press kit is being worked on.

Documentation on the NeoLight Spotlight plugin is being edited.

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