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-= How can I contribute? = 
-There are several ways in which you can contribute to the [[NeoOffice/J]] project. 
== NeoOffice/J == == NeoOffice/J ==
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* The NeoOffice/J source can be [ browsed online]; you can also check out the [[NeoOffice/J Build Instructions]] * The NeoOffice/J source can be [ browsed online]; you can also check out the [[NeoOffice/J Build Instructions]]
-NeoLight (NeoOffice Spotlight Importer) is in early development. It works and is included in NeoOffice/J, but further testing (especially of the support for the forthcoming OpenDocument format) is welcome. 
-[[NeoLight|Read the NeoLight documentation]] or [ browse the source]. 
-== NeoOffice/C == 
-The NeoOffice/C project is no longer under active development so that all efforts can be focused on the continued improvement of NeoOffice/J. 
- <div id="wikitikitavi" style="overflow:auto; height: 1px; "> 
- [[] [WTHPD1]] 
- [ WTHPD2] 
- [[ | WTHPD3]] 
- [ | WTHPD4] 
- [WTHPD5 |] 
- [[ WTHPD6]] 
- </div> 

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End User

  • Donate money - Currently (March 2005), there are only TWO developers programming NeoOffice/J. Both are employed full-time and contribute their free time. To help pay for the out-of-pocket costs associated with developing and supporting NeoOffice/J (bandwidth!) so they can focus on improving NeoOffice/J, you are invited to make a donation at
  • Report bugs - If you notice a bug, report it so the developers can fix it!
  • Write documentation - Help update and maintain this wiki so new users will always have up-to-date information.
  • Translating NeoOffice/J-related websites - If is missing your language, send Patrick the translation. We also want the wiki translated into common languages—a French translation is underway—so if you'd like to help translate the wiki, please see this topic at trinity.
  • Spread the word - If you like NeoOffice/J, spread the word (and help maintain our press and media links and listings).
  • There have also been some discussions on starting a NeoOffice/J user group to support NeoOffice/J and a foundation to further the development of NeoOffice/J and open-source software on the Mac generally. If you have ideas or experience regarding either of these topics, check out respective forum threads on Trinity: User group Foundation
  • See this list of things to do for more ideas.

Software Developer

  • This is an open-source project, so if you want to help, contact Patrick Luby or Ed Peterlin at the Trinity forums. Explain your area of expertise and we can go from there.
  • Ed has written up a number of specifications for small projects that might be good starting points for a beginning NeoOffice/J developer.
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