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[edit] Things to Do

  1. New front page (bypassable for certain users, i.e. admins or long-time good bugfilers) or something like Bugzilla Helper
    • Steps to take before filing a bug
      • Install latest patch [link]
      • Reboot
      • Fresh profile
      I.e., is it reproducible, esp. in up-to-date stock conditions
      • Attempt to reproduce in corresponding version of OOo/X11 if possible (?)
      • Search for duplicate (select NeoOffice/J from the Project menu)
    • Scope of bugs, i.e. what's a Neo/J bug vs. an OOo bug/limitation vs. an Apple bug/limitation
    • How to submit a useful bug report
  2. Write "How to submit a useful bug report"
    • One issue per bug report
    • Include Patch level and OS version
      • About NeoOffice/J in the Neo/J menu; About This Mac in the Apple menu
    • Provide crashlog for crashes and sample for hangs - Camino crash/hang FAQs
      sardisson wrote the crash/hang FAQs for Camino, so we just need to copy them over here and tweak for the NeoBugzilla
      • How to get a crashlog to attach
        • Option A: is crashreporter enabled?
          • When "Unexpectedly quit" dialogue appears, select "Submit Report..."
          • Copy/paste "Crash Report:" section into new text file.
        • Option B: the hard way
          • Open Applications > Utilities > Console
          • Click on the "Logs" toolbar icon if the logs drawer isn't showing on the left.
          • Navigate through the list until you get to ~/Library/Logs > CrashReporter > soffice.bin.crash.log
          • Locate the appropriate log for the most recent/remembered crash. It should be the one at the bottom. Each individual crash log is separated by a line of asterisks from the next one above it; each one has a date at the top of it.
          • Copy from the "Host name" down to the end. Edit > Copy. Places a copy of the log onto the Clipboard
          • Open TextEdit and create a new plain-text file. Paste the crashlog. (Hmm, isn't there an "export" function in that will grab the last log entry?)
      • How to get a sample to attach
        • Open Applications > Utilities > Activity Monitor
        • Select Neo/J from list of running processes
        • Click "Inspect" button
        • Click "Sample" button (lower left corner of resulting window)
        • When sampling is completed, save resulting text file
    • Attach (not paste) crashlog or sample
      • After bug is filed
      • Add attachments separately from comments (attachment refresh wipes comments, currently no warning); add warning on bug pages along the lines of the text in the OOo IssueZilla:
        Note: please commit any changes to this issue before creating a new attachment, or changes will be lost.
    • Detailed steps to reproduce
    • Attach screenshot if relevant
    • Attach problematic document, if relevant, or email it to Patrick if sensitive
    • Example of a pretty solid report:
    • Oscar provides two links to general "good bug-filing behavior" articles. We should be sure to include the highlights and perhaps link to them "for more details" or something:
      Linked now, but we should include any missing highlights
  3. Change Advanced Query to be the default search
    Basic query is absolutely useless for finding duplicates! I'm having better luck with basic query now
    (select NeoOffice/J from the Project menu)
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