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This page describes potential issues related to installing or upgrading to Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard. These issues are primarily issues with the Mac OS X itself or third-party software, but we are providing this page as a service to NeoOffice users.

[edit] Solved Issues

Below is a list of issues that have been fixed. You get the fixes for these issues by installing all Mac OS X system updates and installing NeoOffice 3.1.2 or later:

  • Image Capture dialog will cause NeoOffice to hang - When you select either the Tools :: Add-ons :: Paste Image from Camera or Scanner menu or the Insert :: Picture :: Scan :: Request menu, a floating window will appear. If you click on the red "window close" button in that window's titlebar, NeoOffice will hang. This problem was fixed in NeoOffice 3.1.2 Patch 6.
  • Cannot open files by double-clicking with NeoOffice 3.1.1 or earlier - Apple made some changes in their late 2010 Java system update that disabled opening files from the Finder or your Desktop. This problem was fixed in NeoOffice 3.1.2.
  • NeoOffice 3.0 and 2.2.5 installations will not launch - After NeoOffice 3.0 and 2.2.5 were released, Apple made some changes in Mac OS X 10.6 that causes NeoOffice to fail to launch.
  • Saving to a remote volume will sometimes crash - When you select the File :: Save or File :: Save As menus and select a remote volume, Apple's save dialog code will sometimes cause NeoOffice crash.
  • Saving over an existing iDisk file will save an empty file - When you overwrite a file that is in an iDisk folder, the save operation will silently fail. This silent failure will overwrite your file and leave a zero length file.
  • Finder's Cover Flow view does not work for NeoOffice documents - Apple made some changes in Mac OS X 10.6 that causes our Quick Look plugin to fail.
  • Special characters display in the wrong position - Apple made some changes in Mac OS X 10.6 that causes the Insert :: Special Characters menu to display characters in the wrong position. This same problem will also cause some characters in Formula documents to display in the wrong position.
  • Help :: Search menu missing - If your preferred language in the Mac OS X System Preferences application is not English, Mac OS X will fail to add display the Help :: Search menu.
  • No menus in menubar for some languages - Apple made some changes to Java in Mac OS X that causes NeoOffice's menus to not be displayed in the menubar when your Mac's preferred language is set to some non-Western European language.
  • Spotlight does not find NeoOffice documents - Apple made some changes in Mac OS X that caused NeoOffice's Spotlight plugin to fail.
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