Reversing Rows and Columns in a Spreadsheet

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Let us suppose that you have a spreadsheet in which the first column contains data, and you want to display these data in the first row of the following sheet. You can easily get that result by using the array function TRANSPOSE.
More generally, this function allows you to reverse rows and columns of a cell range in Calc, in the same sheet or in a different sheet of your document.

In the example below, the cell range A1:B5 of Sheet1 contains the following data:

Quarter Month
First January
Second April
Third July
Fourth October

To display these data on two rows and five columns, in the cell range C1:G2 of the same sheet, proceed as follows:

  • Click in the cell C1
  • In the formua bar, type =TRANSPOSE(A1:B5)
  • Press the Cmd-Shift-Return keys. Calc automatically places the formula in curly braces, and you get the following table:

Quarter First Second Third Fourth
Month January April July October

You can also select the range C1:G2, but the = sign must be in the cell C1.

To display those data in another sheet, follow the same steps, but the formula will be: =TRANSPOSE(Sheet1.A1:B5).

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