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For a long time, I've kept a list of things we might want to add to current/future Press Kit revisions in a sticky note on my Mac. This is a bad idea for two reasons: 1) it might suffer inadvertent data loss and 2) it means only I can ever do things like ask people for permission to use their comments or otherwise make use of the data in the Press Kit or elsewhere on the wiki. No more.


For the Press Kit

Neo 2.x (support is priceless) (two posts; possibly our centerpiece post if we do a full rework for 2.2.3?) (Office 2008 vs. iWork vs. NeoOffice vs. OpenOffice [in education])

Neo 1.2 (30% faster)

Neo/J 1.1 [feeds]

[OOo newsletter, press clippings to] (scroll to end) ??

Neo as part of StarOffice migration at UofT [de] [pg 2, donations q]

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