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As announced on 5 September 2013, we permanently shut down NeoOffice Mobile on 31 October 2013. All accounts and documents in NeoOffice Mobile have been permanently deleted and are not recoverable. Because data security and privacy is very important to us and because we have no valid reason to store your documents or accounts now that NeoOffice Mobile is shut down, we physically deleted all NeoOffice Mobile documents and accounts from all of our servers and from Amazon S3 immediately after we shut down NeoOffice Mobile.

NeoOffice Mobile was released on 15 September 2009.

NeoOffice Mobile provides a way to securely share NeoOffice files with other users and other computers. It works by allowing you to "publish" a document from within NeoOffice to the NeoOffice Mobile server using a secure, encrypted connection. Once documents are published, they can be viewed using secure connections from regular web browsers or web-enabled mobile devices. Also, for NeoOffice users with NeoOffice Mobile installed, previously published documents can be opened directly in NeoOffice.

In addition, NeoOffice Mobile was designed with the following three goals in mind that we hope NeoOffice users will find useful (please scroll to the bottom of this page for more details about each of these goals):

  • Mobile phone support
  • Tight integration with NeoOffice
  • Security and high availability

Features for NeoOffice donors

Anyone can create a free NeoOffice Mobile account. Free accounts can upload and view documents but they are limited to only 10 megabytes of storage and their documents expire after 48 hours. This allows users to try out NeoOffice Mobile and use it for temporary storage.

NeoOffice donors, in contrast, have access to the complete set of features. The NeoOffice project is funded entirely by donations from our users. Since over half of our donations come from a small percentage of our users, we provide the following NeoOffice Mobile extra features as a thank you to our most generous users.

For more information on the features that each type of account has access to, please visit the NeoOffice Mobile pricing page.

Screen snapshots

Screen snapshots of viewing a NeoOffice Mobile document on an iPhone and running NeoOffice Mobile within NeoOffice are shown below:

Screen snapshot of NeoOffice Mobile running within NeoOffice Screen snapshot of viewing a NeoOffice Mobile document on an iPhone Screen snapshot of listing uploaded files on an iPhone

Mobile phone support

Since the primary function of NeoOffice Mobile is to allow you to share documents with other people, your document is stored in HTML format so that any web browser can display your document even if your web browser is on a mobile phone with a 200 x 200 pixel screen. Since some mobile phones like Apple's iPhone support PDF, your document is also stored in PDF format so that users can view an identical copy of your document if they want to.

Native NeoOffice Mobile applications are also available for iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch running iOS 4 or higher) as well as Android devices. These applications require that you have a NeoOffice Mobile account and only support viewing, not editing, of your published documents. Information and screenshots are also available from the following sites:

Tight integration with NeoOffice

We wanted to make publishing a document in NeoOffice Mobile as simple as possible so we made NeoOffice Mobile accessible from a floating window within NeoOffice. Once you are logged into your NeoOffice Mobile account, you can publish the current active document directly from the Save button in the NeoOffice Mobile floating window and the NeoOffice Mobile code will upload copies of your document to the NeoOffice Mobile servers in HTML, PDF, ODF, and in most cases, Microsoft Office formats.

Security and high availability

Data security has always been important to us so all network communications use full SSL encryption (SSL encryption is the mechanism used for HTTPS web pages). Also, by default, any documents that users publish in NeoOffice Mobile are not viewable by any other users unless the user explicitly shares the document. Lastly, all NeoOffice Mobile data is encrypted and duplicated on multiple machines in different data centers to ensure that if one of our servers goes down, users can still access NeoOffice Mobile.

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