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We were even less organized for the NeoOffice 3.0 release than we were for the NeoOffice 2.1 release (and much busier, it seems), but we still got some good coverage nonetheless.

Without further ado, a non-exhaustive list of news sites that covered the NeoOffice 3.0 release.


[edit] Selected Press Coverage

[edit] Български (Bulgarian)

[edit] Čeština

[edit] Dansk

[edit] Deutsch

[edit] English

[edit] Español

[edit] Français

[edit] עברית (Hebrew)

[edit] Italiano

[edit] 日本語 (Japanese)

[edit] Nederlands

[edit] Norsk

[edit] Polski

[edit] Suomi

[edit] Svenska

[edit] Türkçe

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