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In July 2014, the NeoOffice engineers released NeoOffice 2014.1 in Apple's Mac App Store. NeoOffice 2014.1 added the following new feature:

[edit] Native OS X grammar checking

The NeoOffice engineers have added automatic grammar checking. NeoOffice now automatically checks for grammar errors in Writer documents using the Mac OS X grammar checker when spellchecking. NeoOffice users no longer need to install an OpenOffice grammar checking extension.

The following screen snapshots show how to use grammar checking in your Writer documents:

When spellchecking is enabled,
grammar checking is automatically enabled
Grammar errors have a blue wavy underline.
Right-click on the error to display suggested corrections.
AutoSpell toolbar button Grammar checking in Writer document

Grammar checking also works in the Spelling and Grammer dialog
Grammar checking in the Spelling and Grammer dialog
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