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On 17 March 2008, NeoOffice 2.2.3 was released. While this release is still based on the 2.2.1 code, we have included several signficant new features in this release.

Special thanks go to all who have donated to the project since our last release. Without everyone's donations, not only would we have been unable to implement the following new features, we would not have been able to provide rapid investigation and fixing of significant bugs found by users.

[edit] QuickTime video support (Mac OS X 10.4.x and higher only)

Previous releases of NeoOffice did not support display of video files in documents and only supported playing a video file's soundtrack. But starting with this release, NeoOffice can display any QuickTime-compatible video files in your documents.

The only limitation is that your machine needs to be running Mac OS X 10.4.x or higher on your machine as due to some conflicts between Apple's QuickTime and Java technologies, we can only support playing a video file's soundtrack on machines running Mac OS X 10.3.x. Also, please note that protected video files (such as those purchased through iTunes) can only be played in the iTunes and QuickTime Player application and Mac OS X will not allow such video files to be played in NeoOffice, Safari, or other applications.

[edit] Menus available when no documents are open

Previous releases of NeoOffice had only a very minimal set of menu items available if no documents were open. But starting in this release, menus are now available even when no documents are open. This new feature allows users to access some of the frequently used menus such as the Recent Documents and NeoOffice Help menu item that previously were not accessible unless you opened a document first.

[edit] Import images from scanners and cameras

A new menu - Tools :: Add-ons :: Paste Image from Camera or Scanner - has been added. Selecting this new menu allows you to directly import images into NeoOffice from any device (such as digital cameras or scanners) that Apple's Image Capture application supports.

If you have any devices attached to your machine that Image Capture recognizes, selecting this new menu will display the Mac OS X Image Capture dialog. Using this dialog, you can import an image from any of the recognized devices into your current document. In addition, the imported image will also be copied to the system clipboard so that you can paste additional copies of the imported image in NeoOffice or any other application.

[edit] Command-clicking on window titlebar

In most Mac OS X applications, whenever a previously saved document is opened, a small icon will appear in the window's titlebar. Command-clicking on this icon will display a popup menu that lists the file name and the folders that the file is in. Clicking on any of these items will open the Finder.

Due to NeoOffice's use of Java to create document windows, this feature was not available in previous releases of NeoOffice. However, we have successfully implemented this feature and so this feature will be available in all NeoOffice 2.2.3 document windows.

[edit] Mac OS X grammar checking (Mac OS X 10.5.x only)

In Mac OS X 10.5.x, Apple added grammar-checking support for a small number of languages. This release of NeoOffice takes advantage of this new Mac OS X feature by including several new menu items in the Tools :: Add-ons menu. These new menu items allow you to use Mac OS X Leopard's grammar checker to recommend grammatical corrections for either selected text or your entire document.

Please note that as grammar checking is new to Mac OS X 10.5.x (Leopard), this feature is not available on Mac OS X 10.3.x (Panther) or 10.4.x (Tiger).

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