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N.B. These are screenshots of an older version of NeoOffice. To see screenshots of the current version, visit NeoOffice Screenshots instead.

Screenshots as of NeoOffice 1.2 Alpha (23-Nov-2005)

Click on the thumbnail to see the larger version; each full-size screenshot is between 90-100 KB unless otherwise noted.


[edit] NeoOffice Writer

[edit] File and Edit menus

File menu with custom menu and keyboard configurations; Edit menu with custom menu and keyboard configurations, showing Track Changes items

[edit] NeoOffice menu and Fonts toolbar popup

Aqua NeoOffice menu showing standard Mac OS X items and shortcuts and new "quickstart" items; Fonts toolbar popup menu showing system highlight color and font previews

[edit] Localized Arabic GUI

NeoOffice Writer under the Arabic localized GUI, showing the تنسيق (Format) menu and docked Navigator and Stylist, and illustrating Mac OS X bugs with RTL menus

[edit] RTL document with English GUI

NeoOffice/J 1.1 Writer editing a Hebrew document under an English Mac OS X environment

[edit] Multiple Scripts

Writer document illustrating some of the scripts supported by NeoOffice (228 KB); a structured PDF suitable for printing is also available (204 KB)

[edit] NeoOffice Calc

[edit] Calc spreadsheet with two graphs

124 KB

[edit] NeoOffice Impress

[edit] Impress modifying a PowerPoint presentation

124 KB

[edit] NeoOffice and databases

[edit] NeoOffice interacting with MySQL

NeoOffice/J 1.1 (in Italian) forms and queries interacting with a MySQL database (108 KB)

[edit] NeoOffice with no documents or windows open

[edit] NeoOffice menu with "quickstart service"

Aqua NeoOffice menu showing "quickstart" items with customized keyboard shortcuts, keeping NeoOffice running when there are no document or application windows open; Aqua NeoOffice menu showing Arabic-localized "quickstart" items and illustrating Mac OS X bugs with RTL menus

[edit] Dock menu with "quickstart service"

Dock menu showing "quickstart" items, localized in French, Arabic and Hebrew

[edit] Aquafication Screenshots

[edit] Custom icon set
A preview of a more friendly icon set under development for NeoOffice

[edit] Aquafication milestones

Screenshots illustrating the progress of Aquafication of NeoOffice are available in the NeoOffice/J Screenshots Archive.

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