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Pluby would like us to check each existing NeoOffice/J bug that has been closed as fixed and verify that is has not regressed in the Java 1.4.2 build (Performance Test Patches). In order to keep track of who has verified which bugs, please fill out the appropriate cells in this table when you've checked a bug. See the entry for bug 692 as an example.

Important: If a bug has regressed (reappeared in the PT patch), mark it Regressed (in bold) in this table and be sure to set the bug's status to Reopened in Bugzilla. You can also add bgcolor="#fcc" to that bug's <TR> element in this table.

Also, please be careful that your browser loads the entire page when you go to edit the table; the page is 138 kb and some (older) browsers may truncate the page at 32 kb. The last line of this page is [[Category:NeoOffice/J]][[Category:Contributing]].

There are probably a couple of old bugs just fixed by PT patches in the list thanks to the inflexibility of Bugzilla's search. Some of the early bugs may no longer apply at all (OOo 1.0/Neo/J 0.x codebase or prior to Neo/J's ability to print, etc.).


[edit] Fixed bugs which need to be verified

[edit] Bugs 0-99

ID Title Reporter Verified By Verified In
PT version
Date Verified
OS Version
7 Crash when selecting a .psd file in Insert Graphic from File dialogue jtyzack JKT 1.5 10-14-2005 10.4.2
8 Bold fonts are a bit fuzzy dan JKT 1.7 10-21-2005 10.4.2
10 (pt7) can't insert PNG graphics neooffice JKT 1.5 10-14-2005 10.4.2
11 (pt7) Graphics still printing at low resolution neooffice

12 (pt7) Selecting Text Deletes the Clipboard neooffice JKT 1.7 10-21-2005 10.4.2
13 NeoJ doesn't automatically accept HTML dragged on its icon neooffice sardisson 1.5 Hack-3 10-15-2005 10.3.9
14 NeoJ documents have a generic icon neooffice sardisson 1.5 Hack-3 10-15-2005 10.3.9
15 NeoJ italics and bold are not the font's native ones neooffice

16 Click and hold on a menu doesn't work right jim.laurent JKT 1.7 10-21-2005 10.4.2
17 Line drawing speed extremely slow jim.laurent JKT 1.7 10-21-2005 10.4.2
18 Neo/J installer messes up system permissions jim.laurent sardisson 1.5 Hack-3 10-15-2005 10.3.9
19 Slow start up time jim.laurent JKT 1.7 10-21-2005 10.4.2
20 Neo/J uses CPU time when not active jim.laurent JKT 1.7 10-21-2005 10.4.2
21 Double headed arrow cursor appears in "Impress" for no reason jim.laurent JKT 1.7 10-21-2005 10.4.2
22 Impress slide show does NOT cover up menu bar jim.laurent JKT 1.7 10-21-2005 10.4.2
23 Scroll Wheel Doesn't work jim.laurent JKT 1.7 10-21-2005 10.4.2
24 Cool: Viavoice 3 works with Neo/J jim.laurent

25 Filling color and transparency bug. max.barel JKT 1.7 10-21-2005 10.4.2
26 Custom paper size don't work max.barel

27 Autocorrect works only on new docs ross JKT 1.7 10-21-2005 10.4.2
29 Delete key backs up but chars. deleted are still visible jim.laurent JKT 1.7 10-21-2005 10.4.2
30 Changing Fontbook fonts caused Neo/J to be unable to startup jim.laurent sardisson 1.5 Hack-3 10-15-2005 10.3.9
31 Malloc error reported on console during Neo/J exit. jim.laurent

32 Text Drag not supported jim.laurent

33 (patch 3) screen won't redraw on return from Panther hide neooffice

34 Neo/J should use Java 1.4.1 jim.laurent

35 Cut/Paste to system Clipboard jim.laurent

36 Setting printer destination/format mess-up font sacing/kerning max.barel

39 Document images don't print correctly jim.laurent

40 Undo doesn't always remember the last action jim.laurent

41 Neo/J uses 12% of 400 MHz CPU with idle drawing jim.laurent

42 A3 printing clipped to A4 max.barel

43 some bold/italic fonts from pre-0.7 NeoJ docs print invisible (p11) neooffice

44 Neo/J should open first window in far upper left corner zoomed to full screen jim.laurent

46 soffice.bin crash on exit jim.laurent

47 Neo/J silent exit while drawing jim.laurent

48 Neo/J stops adding to "undo" list after configured depth jim.laurent

49 Selection follows mouse only in window dan

50 Splash screen still says 0.7 and not 0.7.1 jtyzack JKT 1.5 10-14-2005 10.4.2
51 Open/Save dialogue is following the main document window jtyzack JKT 1.5 10-14-2005 10.4.2
52 Slow printing of HTML document neooffice

53 NeoOffice/J 0.7.1 crashes when clicking partly covered page tab. constantin.gonzalez

55 Clicking on partially visible page tab in presentations is sometimes ignored. constantin.gonzalez

56 (p5) copying column in spreadsheet crashes NeoJ neooffice

57 (p6) mysterious crash neooffice

60 Crash while editing text doc jim.laurent

62 Image behind text on screen prints over text on paper jim.laurent

63 Neooffice chokes on Save as PDF file. johan

66 "Enter" key of the num keypad (Apple Pro KB) doesn't work cinemah

67 While making labels, NeoOffice crashes, but makes labels after restore johan

68 Delete key (not backspace) not working cinemah

69 (p2) after opening a document by drag onto dock icon, mouse clicks are ignored neooffice

70 permanently adding macros doesn't work roostack

75 Cursor does not change when positioned over cell dividers jim.laurent

76 Dimension change of spreadsheet cells doesn't change jim.laurent

77 (p6) Double click doesn't select word. neooffice

78 Can't print using landscape orientation. cadley

79 hard to tell what patch is running neooffice sardisson 1.5 Hack-3 10-15-2005 10.3.9
81 Menu not closing when window minimizing wade.little

83 upgrading does not preserve custom Java classes max.barel

85 Drawing cursor doesn't change from arrow pointer jim.laurent

90 No 0.8.2 choice in the BugZilla NeoOffice/J version menu terry_teague

91 First launch (only) crashes if NeoOffice/J app moved terry_teague

95 Crashing when closing... wade.little

97 Menu's only display on primary screen in multi screen mode jonathon.driscoll

98 A certain Word file cause NO/J to hang cinemah

99 NeoJ needs to accept .htm files via drag/drop, etc. alqahira sardisson 1.5 Hack-3 10-15-2005 10.3.9

[edit] Bugs 100-199

ID Title Reporter Verified By Verified In
PT version
Date Verified
OS Version
100 NeoOffice/J crashes for no apparent reason jim.laurent

101 trying to open a .doc file from's src6 x11print folder elel24

102 Menus always drawn on screen 0 neo

103 NeoOfficej Fails to Launch reid

106 Crash During Impress Print wchutt

107 Impress Crashes During A Slide Show wchutt

108 Crash During Exit wchutt

109 .dot files displaying with wrong icon in Finder alqahira sardisson 1.5 Hack-3 10-15-2005 10.3.9
110 Crash During Save wchutt

112 Crashes under OSX 10.3.4 david.thompson

113 Apple Crash Report while editing a presentation Ken.Gibson

120 Unscheduled auto-saves in text documents crash program nfayegold

121 UI/fonts appear much smaller than in 0.8.4 alqahira sardisson 1.5 Hack-3 10-15-2005 10.3.9
122 Initial window should remember last opened position jim.laurent

123 pkgchk does not appear to work alqahira

124 Crashed when changing Options settings jtyzack JKT 1.5 10-14-2005 10.4.2
125 Navigation menu unaware of dock position nfayegold

126 Resizing File open dialog cuts off the right side jim.laurent

127 It's impossible to save presentations in PPT format lorenzo.moretti

128 Crash when resizing curved line in Draw vvaldo

130 Can't install Combine Files macro (Run Macro prompt not working?) alqahira sardisson 1.5 Hack-3 10-15-2005 10.3.9
131 Build NeoJ 1.1 with integrated WordPerfect filter (WriterPerfect) alqahira sardisson 1.5 Hack-3 10-15-2005 10.3.9
132 Page number in footer causes last character in footer to be overwritten keys

133 Calc - keyb shortcut to insert col/row inserts 2 instead of 1 padmavyuha

137 Flashing Stylist palette amaloney

139 Add-on submenu not appearing after installing "Combine Files" alqahira sardisson 1.5 Hack-3 10-15-2005 10.3.9
140 Help files not being displayed alqahira sardisson 1.5 Hack-3 10-15-2005 10.3.9
142 Default UI font unable to display some menu item max.barel

143 "Fit text to frame" does not work as expected max.barel

145 Mac OS X Arabic fonts missing (except Geeza Pro) alqahira sardisson 1.5 Hack-3 10-15-2005 10.3.9
150 Optima fonts don't draw correctly after a scroll kevin.moloney

151 'Export to PDF' pdf file size affected by undo cache size padmavyuha

154 Error loading BASIC of document john.w.kelly

156 Autoscroll when using Style List in Writer app john.w.kelly

157 impress slideshow does not work if floating toolbars are open spam_if_you_want_to

164 Failed assertion in CGColorSpace.c while typing into .sxi document anton.rang

166 parenthesis in Hebrew text reversed in NeoOffice/J, ok in other OOo versions xslf

167 Text selction with mouse fails in region where stylist window has been luke.collie

168 Renamed: Opening multiple docs in Finder hangs NeoJ if no docs currently open already padmavyuha

169 Window title bar redraw errors in fullscreen mode amake

170 Cannot successfully enter fullscreen mode via keycombo amake

171 Redundant "Quit" menu items amake

174 Aqua patch: Menu bar reappears when changing UI font max.barel

175 Aqua Menu: Editing menus causes Aqua menus to disappear alqahira sardisson 1.5 Hack-3 10-15-2005 10.3.9
177 crash on closing the document ovvldc

178 With Aqua menus, printing causes hang grahamperrin

179 Extensionless NeoJ documents should have NeoJ generic icon alqahira sardisson 1.5 Hack-3 10-15-2005 10.3.9
180 Apply Style dropdown - blank line is actually 'Text Body' style (sometimes) padmavyuha

181 Aqua Menus: shortcuts no-op when main window is empty. max.barel

182 Aqua Menus: initial state of View menu max.barel

186 selecting text in the query window is a mess johan

187 crash soffice.bin bubblebabu

188 Faulty offset in Insert special character dialogue kai

189 Equation editor overstrikes variables and operators into jumble jjramsey

192 Application crash when scrolling fonts mojofive

195 Equation Editor output goofiness john.w.kelly

196 Calc - object bar 'Font Size' dropdown not working padmavyuha

197 Neo/J crashes on opening attached document jim.laurent

199 crashes upon attempt to open a html file sorin_paliga

[edit] Bugs 200-299

ID Title Reporter Verified By Verified In
PT version
Date Verified
OS Version
200 misbehavior with some dead keys sorin_paliga

205 Aqua menus don't disappear in full screen mode pluby

206 Mail merge function goes into loop when sent to printer cinemah

207 scrolling down font menu, NeoO hangs on Font New York... sorin_paliga

208 File menu may disappear (Aqua menus) openstep

209 Crash when making NeoJ active application openstep

212 Copy-paste in footnotes deactivates command-C/command-V shortcuts sorin_paliga

214 Menu patch 4 - sporadic non-appearance of Print dialogue jtyzack JKT 1.5 10-14-2005 10.4.2
218 extensionless/"wrong-extensioned" WordPerfect docs imported as ASCII alqahira sardisson 1.5 Hack-3 10-15-2005 10.3.9
221 Unicode keylayouts are dimmed after opening a document sorin_paliga

222 white characters in white page using BASIC macro effevene

223 changing resolution, neooffice do not refresh windows effevene

226 crashes when opening this word document hariatwork

228 Mousewheel support - overshoots in open/save dialog padmavyuha

229 Patch5 - pressing command causes Writer docs to jump to the insertion point jtyzack JKT 1.5 10-14-2005 10.4.2
230 Find-replace leads to crash sorin_paliga

231 draw function palette sometimes do not work effevene

232 have bad rights from admin group maler

234 Include czech localization in Neooffice/J maler

235 Email password is default submit button in Safari for Bugzilla maler

236 Copy-paste issues sorin_paliga

237 draw's layers "freeze" after a double click effevene

241 Lines in spreadsheet vaclav.dort

242 double custom quotes don't work ksedleni

243 When dragging text, the mouse pointer should change to an arrow cinemah

244 cmd-c (copy) causes Neo to stall andrew

249 Drag 'n' drop sometimes causes data loss magnus-marius

252 Print Dialog Box w/ Alpha Menus Has Range Problem chris

256 Command Z on French Keyboard bellando

258 NeoOffice/J 1.1 Alpha2 Patch8 problems with dead keys juraj.nospam

259 Crash during Export to PDF using Patch 8 anton.rang

261 Crash in Drawing mode - text edit select. P8, TP4 applied

264 Experimental WP-Mac 3.5e support inoperative alqahira sardisson 1.5 Hack-3 10-15-2005 10.3.9
265 crash on scrolling and other activities. ovvldc

267 NeoOffice/J crash in patch 10 robert

269 cmd-` adds "back-quote" characters when switching windows kmorris

272 crash on quit (Patch 12) robert

274 Patch install fails for sym-linked /Applications fruitmarmalade

275 Patch 12 - crashed in Calc when editing borders jtyzack JKT 1.5 10-14-2005 10.4.2
276 Text clipped in "About NeoOffice/J..." box amon

279 command-shift-b do not work anymore after patch 12 (and beta) effevene

283 'pop up menu' appears in wrong place effevene

288 cursor does not change properly ksedleni

289 Drag-drop crash using the Gallery alqahira sardisson 1.5 Hack-3 10-15-2005 10.3.9
294 Beta + patch 1 Crash on use after long idle wbh

297 Wrong spacing around ligatures mgaehrken

299 Quits when last file closed bbear

[edit] Bugs 300-399

ID Title Reporter Verified By Verified In
PT version
Date Verified
OS Version
301 Beta 1.1 + first patch crashing beta

304 Drag and drop copy not working luke.collie

305 Hang on loading document while prefs window open amake

308 export menu items broke jackgj

311 Neo spreadsheet crash when clicking in new cell. edaug4

313 NeoOffice does not pop-up from dock icon when minimized ksedleni

315 Can't drag a single text-containing cell in spreadsheets nfayegold

316 Neo spreadsheet crash while editing Header edaug4

317 Open doc from Finder does not expand dock'ed window magnus-marius

319 Aqua Menu Labels Missing roatkins

321 Japanese character does not respect vertical text alignment amake

322 Crash when printing roatkins

323 Japanese text input drawing and behavior errors amake

329 Windows redraw issues when switching to full screen mode bamsaleg

331 Hanging during Aqua menu updating pluby

332 Editing menus causes Format, Tools menus to vanish in Writer alqahira sardisson 1.5 Hack-3 10-15-2005 10.3.9
333 changing a pps file leads to crash sorin_paliga

336 Crash when clicking on the Font popup dan

337 stacking of Converted to Contour letters oancea_b77

340 Presentation Controller panel does not repaint unless mouse is moved. neooffice

341 CoreFoundation problem in ATS on startup openstep

343 thesaurus - program crash bigrosey2002

344 Support Eudora as mail client option alqahira sardisson 1.5 Hack-3 10-15-2005 10.3.9
345 coincidence drag&drop while automatic saving zeljko_pesek

348 Trapped in full screen mode charlesjt

349 Changing languages hebrew and english add gray space mod1

351 Frequent crashes editing presentation notes Ken.Gibson

352 noiseless crash on scrolling using bar ovvldc

354 Sheet selection tab (sometimes) doesn't work dbutenhof

355 crash drag and dropping staroffice calc files effevene

357 Navigator-Drag mode not working ptram

359 EPS postscript is bypassed by Neo's printing system. robert

360 parenthesis don't appear in formulas nathalie.casati

361 Bug when "Cutting" images with Butler... gpiroux

363 Recognize Mac creator type for Office docs openstep

364 links in bugzilla emails contain extra / alqahira

365 font problems when using specific typefaces in cyrillic r

366 freeze (rainbow ball) printing from draw effevene

367 Crash when pasting graphic from OmniGraffle anton.rang

368 Status bar 'zoom' sometimes broken padmavyuha

372 Hebrew text garbled when hitting "space" in impress xslf

375 Hiding App Using Option-Click results in field selection difficulty griz

377 double click contestual menù effevene

378 arrow shifted in iconbar effevene

380 repeatable crash when cancelling formula dialog kmorris

385 crash using page preview in calc effevene

387 CGColorSpace.c:223: failed assertion `cs->shouldFree' during drawing anton.rang

388 slide show does not always hide document window anton.rang

392 Hang after using keys to move cursor left in document geraldok

396 about dialog should be in NeoOffice menu hramrach

397 Can't configure "up" key abanka

[edit] Bugs 400-499

ID Title Reporter Verified By Verified In
PT version
Date Verified
OS Version
407 Crash on exit Ken.Gibson

408 Multiple flashing of dialogue boxes when closing (Patch 5) alqahira sardisson 1.5 Hack-3 10-15-2005 10.3.9
409 Possible Page Preview Bug jimwg

410 punctuation in Japanese jowilkinson4

413 NeoOffice quits when quit command to other application barbara

415 Synchronization of Writer icons and display breaks occasionally dario.atallah

416 Scrolling pages flick ugo.fonzar

421 Patch-5 causes an incorrect Japanese input for Calc, Impress, and Draw irino

422 Clicking on replacement word in spell check does not work, forced to use Enter jzents

426 web page colors wrong on NeoOffice site hramrach

427 Stylist window moved to background by popup openstep

428 calc 'range select' by mouse drag causes hang if window scrolls padmavyuha

435 Tab makes special characters italic in Impress kai

436 Possible for multiple window titlebars to appear "active" openstep

437 Single mouseclick on scrollbar causes multiple events padmavyuha

441 parentasis in TTF fonts incorrectly reersed in RTL xslf

442 Modify default autotext preferences to user by default, not global openstep

443 program crash heywoodj123

446 Misdrawn Table Border Feature graeme

448 Defining columns using text import of fixed-width text file steve.jakob

449 impossible to write combination L/ in Writer ksedleni

453 Making a query causes lots of window flashing johan

455 Fuzzy Elevator in a text window bellando

457 Stylesheet in Word Processor hardly usable: Crash AlexanderSchatten

460 Floating windows not obscured when entering presentation mode openstep

471 Upgrade to libwpd-0.8.0/WriterPerfect-0.7.0 for 1.1 RC or 1.1 Final alqahira sardisson 1.5 Hack-3 10-15-2005 10.3.9
472 'Find all' in Find-Replace sorin_paliga

475 Patch 5 - N/O crashes at random while editing Word document elc

476 Drawing component crashes randomly bob.lang

478 Beta Test Patch 5.5 elc

479 neon crash opening several documents at the same time effevene

481 Drawing component random crash (Test Patch 5) bob.lang

484 Impress crashing rick

490 Program crash dabor

496 Dialogs (e.g. Tools-Configure) don't remember position & default to top-left padmavyuha

498 TP 5.6: Help active window but behind Find when launched from Find alqahira sardisson 1.5 Hack-3 10-15-2005 10.3.9
499 Incorrect kerning with "Extended Roman" chars (letter+dot below) at beginning of line alqahira sardisson 1.5 Hack-3 10-15-2005 10.3.9

[edit] Bugs 500-599

ID Title Reporter Verified By Verified In
PT version
Date Verified
OS Version
500 Scrambled layout with long paragraph bob.lang

502 hidden doc needs mouse hover to redraw when redisplayed via dock click padmavyuha

503 problem with patch6 effevene

508 computer does not wake if NeoOffice/J is active sorin_paliga

509 Blank autopilot window leo

510 cmd-a, cmd-c doesn't seem to work jparmenter

512 exporting EPS from draw, all the fonts are scrambled effevene

515 Mouse-up event eaten by tooltip window openstep

516 Certain character combinations in Hebrew cause letters to vanish abm4111

520 write slow feedback in long paragraph effevene

521 crash saving a file effevene

524 Scalable brackets are misaligned mario

525 Crash during/just after editing keyboard shortcuts alqahira sardisson 1.5 Hack-3 10-15-2005 10.3.9
526 Printing hangs for certain Impress files kai

528 Patch 6 and legacy M$ files without '.doc' etc extensions rsaunders

529 Writer: cannot introduce hidden separators

530 Can't move docked Stylist/Navigator to other side of window alqahira sardisson 1.5 Hack-3 10-15-2005 10.3.9
531 Rev copyright 2003-2004 to 2003-2005 for 1.1 RC alqahira sardisson 1.5 Hack-3 10-15-2005 10.3.9
533 crash opening autotext/path window effevene

537 problem with copy and paste effevene

539 crash when renaming a calc sheet max.barel

541 Auto Correction doesn't work in german version Bugzilla

543 landscape and portrait mode cannot be mixed in spreadsheet andras

547 Navigator not updated when moving a document to the foreground ptram

549 crash dragging a text to navigator window effevene

551 key listing in Keyboard shortcuts configuration window doesn't distinguish shift key combinations mikemcg

553 Crash while resizing window -- VCLFrame flush() needs to be in main thread? openstep

554 Spaces are not displayed when typing in Hebrew rockford.boulderdash

558 header/footer not centered when page is scaled andras

561 copy paste from word/classic gives wrong diacritic characters johan

562 Impress slide names not saved lbarzin

569 app freeze when printing table maynardt.krebs

576 patch 7.5 - calc crashes while running macro padmavyuha

578 Hebrew text - Justify adds spaces between characters rockford.boulderdash

580 dead key/single quote jammed with space ksedleni

582 Printing page ranges in presentation lycia.harper

583 Slow menu drawing since Pacth-8 (or TestPatch-7.5) irino

585 Personal settings error on launch wolfgang.rumpf

588 "Saving in non-native format" warning dialogue text doesn't wrap alqahira sardisson 1.5 Hack-3 10-15-2005 10.3.9
589 crashes during slideshow spam_if_you_want_to

593 three sudden crashes ksedleni

595 Patch 9 - NeoOffice doesn't come up... angus_telfer

598 copy / paste gibberish between Appleworks & Neo Spreadsheet projectservices

[edit] Bugs 600-699

ID Title Reporter Verified By Verified In
PT version
Date Verified
OS Version
600 BASIC editor crashes soffice.bin on copy/paste padmavyuha

602 Drag-and-drop between Neo/J and other applications not supported pluby

603 Neo with patch 9 crashes within seconds after launch ynir

607 Neo/J-patch9 hangs upon opening multiple files heywoodj123

610 Add "patch level" field to Bugzilla's "Add a new bug" page alqahira

611 several crash drag 'n dropping from calc to database table (using patch 9.3) effevene

613 Autosave in background document caused interuption in printing foremost document rsaunders

617 link to bookmark/anchor of another HTML file fails purchasing

619 Word 5-generated RTF documents don't open via drag-and-drop heywoodj123

622 Crash when opening multiple documents at once haiko.oosterbaan

625 crash when scroll page up pigliucci

626 Confusing error message r0ml

636 Moving objects in Draw rsaunders

637 Crash opening a previous document that has been moved art

639 Very slow scrolling in a complex writer document schlesix

641 Installer: non-localized buttons on license agreement page fruitmarmalade

642 Calc will not retain cell settings jjmckenzie51

643 Devanagari Matras Not Rendered Properly borundev

651 user folder deleted in startup effevene

652 Patch 11 - Crash when trying to view "V" section of Fonts menu jtyzack JKT 1.5 - Can't/Won't Check!! 10-14-2005 10.4.2
sardisson 1.5 Hack-3 10-15-2005 10.3.9
659 Mouse scroll wheel zoom - present in X11 OOo1.1.2. fredrik.stendahl

661 NeoOffice hijacks access to my MS Office files neooffice

676 test for redirect to bug after new dan

677 Drag-and-drop opening successive files causes a crash heywoodj123

679 neo freezes trying to open 2 files in a fast way effevene

680 Zapfino character displacement when invisibles are shown jtyzack JKT 1.5 10-14-2005 10.4.2
681 error executing a macro effevene

682 NeoOffice Unexpectedly Quits Trying to Open .rtf File rahawima

684 Displaced form fields text in print and PDF export. segfault_de

689 Crashed while saving a documet jtyzack JKT 1.5 10-14-2005 10.4.2
692 Make Window colors more Mac-like dan sardisson 1.1 - Regressed 09-26-2005 10.3.9
694 Mouse wheel scrolling locks up writer eric

696 Neo/J no longer remembers location/size of document windows alqahira sardisson 1.5 Hack-3 10-15-2005 10.3.9

[edit] Bugs 700-799

ID Title Reporter Verified By Verified In
PT version
Date Verified
OS Version
702 Please investigate applicability of OOO heap overflow when parsing .doc files: CAN-2005-0941 robert

710 Macro's text box bug appeared in 1.1RC-patch1a gpiroux

713 crash after strange font thing effevene

714 Hebrew went kablooey Aaron.Solomon.Adelman sardisson 1.5 Hack-3 10-15-2005 10.3.9
718 Mouse Wheel Scroll is TOOOOOOO Fast cwingrav

719 Crash on missing kmorris

720 printed page truncated in mixed landscape/portrait documents andras

723 Crash in Impress when trying to insert a .mov file jtyzack JKT 1.6 10-17-2005 10.4.2
729 Selection of multiple open NeoOffice docs using Window menu doesn't work rsaunders

730 Spellcheck/autocorrect changes 'italic' to 'standard' hayke

732 Add link to wiki on, clarify BitTorrent files, add MD5 sums alqahira

738 Neo/J crash when repaginating after inserting a table kmorris

751 ligatures with hyphens-breaks do not work properly martin

752 incorrect UI font, default document font for korean environment oedalpha

755 need a "Mac OS X 10.4" entry in the "OS" field alqahira

761 When not installed in /Applications NeoOffice/J crashes at startup qa-neooffice

764 patch 3 installation error on Mac OS X Tiger. jim.laurent

765 Transparency does not work on 3D objects qa-neooffice

766 When changing font of existing text, ligatures are not changed martin

775 Spreadsheet Window-> Freeze lost save/reopen file kmorris

776 /Applications/ doesn't start. leos

777 Dragging a Heading in the Navigator crashes the application ptram

778 Cell navigation in large spreadsheets is much slower than in OpenOffice rhevans

786 gradient area + transparency tommaso.vinci

787 Installed Java5 and broke NeoOffice/J - badly nazgul

790 insert envelope always leads to crash jordi

793 Preference: don't look for patches torsten.otto sardisson 1.5 Hack-3 10-17-2005 10.3.9
794 Crashes when printing an envelope work.eric

799 Closing last open doc leaves blank window still to close padmavyuha sardisson 1.5 Hack-3 10-15-2005 10.3.9

[edit] Bugs 800-899

ID Title Reporter Verified By Verified In
PT version
Date Verified
OS Version
802 Tiger TrueType font... gpiroux

803 Print scaling changes between pages rsaunders

807 Arabic letters become disconnected after installing patch 5! mrahawi sardisson 1.5 Hack-3 10-15-2005 10.3.9
810 Kerning in NeoOffice PDF export post

823 missing kashida support - gaps in Arabic words in fully-justified text alqahira sardisson 1.5 Hack-3 10-15-2005 10.3.9
829 printing is incredible slow pammann

844 Implementation of german help-file jon.zigelli

852 NeoOffice/J don't show my font installed in OS X clandestin

863 Preferences dialogue does not appear when selecting item from Neo/J menu or using cmd-comma mistryous sardisson 1.5 Hack-3 10-15-2005 10.3.9
865 Cmd-W leaves grey window alqahira sardisson 1.5 Hack-3 10-15-2005 10.3.9
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