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This page describes potential issues related to installing or upgrading to Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard. These issues are primarily issues with the OS itself or third-party software, but we are providing this page as a service to NeoOffice and RetroOffice users.

Printers may stop working after installing Apple system update

Issue: In late June 2009, Apple released a system update for Mac OS X 10.5.7 Leopard. That system update appears to have a bug that may cause your existing printers to stop working in all applications, including NeoOffice.

Solution: Fortunately, we have found that the following steps should get your printers working again:

  1. Launch the System Preferences application and click on the Print & Fax icon
  2. Control click in the list of printers and in the popup menu that appers, select Reset printing system...
  3. Reboot your machine
  4. Press the + icon to readd each of your printers

Note: Resetting the printing system will, among other things, delete any custom printing presets you had created. In order to recover them, you will need to backup the following file beforehand:

~/Library/Preferences/com.apple.print.custompresets.plist (where ~ in your Home Folder)

and copy it back to the ~/Library/Preferences/ folder after resetting the printing system.

Known Issues

Apple has found a very serious issue that may affect users who upgrade their Macs to Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard. This link describes a severe problem with Leopard that can occur if your machine has certain "enhancement" software installed on it. In addition, some users have reported that certain system hacks can cause Leopard applications, including NeoOffice, to be unstable and crash frequently.

There is a bug in Apple's Java code that causes any applications that use Java, including NeoOffice, to not work with Leopard's Spaces feature. Apple is aware of this bug so hopefully Apple will release a fix for this bug in a future Leopard system update.

Make sure you are running the latest NeoOffice or RetroOffice release, as bugs in the Apple Installer on Mac OS X 10.5 could trigger data loss when installing or applying patches to older NeoOffice and RetroOffice releases.

How to Avoid the Known Issues

If you already upgraded to Leopard and your machine only shows a blue screen when booting, follow Apple's recommendation and reinstall Leopard using the Archive and Install option.

If you already upgraded to Leopard or you are planning on upgrading to Leopard, find and disable any system hacks on your machine.

If you use NeoOffice or RetroOffice, make sure that you have installed the latest release listed on the NeoOffice download page or the RetroOffice download page. Also, make sure that you have installed the latest patch from the NeoOffice patch download page or the RetroOffice patch download page.

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