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Purpose: To be able to launch or NeoOffice into desired programs from the start. Two efforts to be done for this. First is individual icons for each program. The second is a launcher program which will incorporate templates as well. Would like one program for both X11 and NeoOffice, provided the X11 code can be easily incorporated.


[edit] Releases

[edit] Icons

version 0.1 alpha 1 (6 August 2006) has been released:


the code Launcher Icon Code

[edit] Launcher

version 0.1 alpha 2 (19 September 2006) now pretty!

Launcher Code


[edit] NeoLauncher

version 0.1 alpha 1 (19 September 2006)

NeoLauncher Code

[edit] Developement Plan

[edit] Icons

[edit] Version 0.1

  • Individual icons set up. Each to support double click and drag and drop.
  • Two sets, one for OO.oX11, one for NeoOffice

Issues icons close after opening the program. As they do not start the main .app applescript, this leaves only X11 open on the dock. not preferable

[edit] Launcher

[edit] Version 0.1

  • Launcher program, displays individual icons for launch. Supports drag and drop.
  • Preferences set for either OO.o or Neo, and location Added

Issues current version does not support drag and drop. probably my poor XCode skills.

NeoLauncher will hang on OPEN and cancelled IMPRESS and BASE selections when Neo is not yet opened. I suspect this is due to the shell script not finishing. note- learn more about shell scripts

[edit] Version 0.2

  • Launcher has tabs, Main (main programs), Writer (writer templates), Calc (calc templates) Etc.
  • Information from template tabs is parsed from .app files

[edit] Version 0.3

  • Addition of templates to the .app files, via dialogue (same code as clip art)

[edit] Documentation

(working on this section)

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