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N.B. This page is obsolete. Beginning with NeoOffice/J 1.1, Help files for non-English languages are provided as standard Mac OS X installer packages. See the NeoOffice/J Download page for more details.

[edit] Remarks about errors when installing help files for non-English languages

note : This page supplements instructions given on the NeoOffice/J Download page

Most of the time, errors are:

  1. You have not administrative privileges. The user installing help must be of admin type. Giving the admin password while logged as a standard user does not work.
  2. The help archive file is corrupted. Probably an incomplete download. This is frequent with Safari. The easiest method is to download it again. Be sure to empty the cache before (in the main Menu for Safari) or else the browser could use the cached incomplete file.
  3. The help archive file has been automatically uncompressed by your browser. The file to drag upon the NeoOfficeJ_1-1_Help_Installer applet should be ending with .tgz extension. If you don't see this file in your default download location, you can:
    • Check in the trash. If you find it there, pull it out and use it.
    • Set the browser so it does not uncompress files after download. This is the default behaviour for Safari and the option to uncheck is "Open "safe" files after downloading". Then download the archive again.
    • Recompress the help folder using commands in Terminal. The resulting archive might be slightly smaller than the original. It works anyway, unless the original was corrupted, see #2. The following example is for the French help archive downloaded on the desktop :
cd Desktop
gzip helpcontent_33_unix.tar;mv helpcontent_33_unix.tar.gz helpcontent_33_unix.tgz

--Max 12:47, 8 Apr 2005 (CDT)

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