Defining Formula Fonts in NeoOffice

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Defining Formula Fonts in NeoOffice

Modification of fonts in formulas

Fonts can be easily defined and changed. In order to do that you have to:

  • Go to the Insert menu and choose Object and then Formula. A command window appears in the bottom of your document.
    • Click on the Format and then fonts…
    • Click on the Modify button to make the pop-up menu appear. Choose the items whose font you want to modify.
      • If you want to modify the font for all the new formulas, click on the Default button, then on the OK button. Otherwise, click just on the OK button and only the formula you are writing will be concerned by the modification.
  • You can change the font size in the same manner by choosing Format and then Font Size….

Using different fonts in the same formula

If you need to use different fonts inside a same formula, you can use three commands : font sans font serif font fixed . Default fonts are respectively Arial, Times New Roman and Courrier New. You can modifying them following the method given above.
Those commands have to come before the variable they apply to: e.g. type widevec font sans AB to get the vector in Arial if you have kept the default font or in the font you chose.

N.B : A "mixing" of fonts may be not very successful. You have to be careful and remember that you have to observe the typographic rules

Using different font sizes in the same formula

It is possible to change the characters size inside a same formula. In order to do that you have access to the command size x where x refers to the value of the size you want. The command size changes the size of all the following characters. For example, type the following command:
a = {b times c} over size 8 {{d_0 cdot e} over {f}}
As you can see, all the characters in denominator are smaller, and the values in index (or in exponent) see their size automatically adapted.

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