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We have finally succeeded in making the LibreOffice accessibility code work within NeoOffice's multithreaded architecture. With this change, NeoOffice can now interact with VoiceOver and possibly other macOS accessibility features.

Important warning

This feature is still in the experimental stage and we expect that there are still undiscovered hanging or crashing bugs. We had to make significant changes to LibreOffice's code to run within NeoOffice's multithreaded event dispatching code. Also, we have upgraded the LibreOffice accessibility code to use Apple's newer, more efficient NSAccessibilityElement class to significantly reduce memory usage.

Where to report bugs

If you encounter a crashing or hanging bug while using VoiceOver or any other macOS accessibility features, please let us know by creating a bug report in the NeoOffice issue tracker. It would be very helpful if you can attach a crash log or, for hangs, a sample from the Activity Monitor application to your bug report.

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