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2017.16 Professional Edition

This template is for mentions of NeoOffice version number on all the Main Pages and Main Page elements (MainPageNews, NeoWords). By using this template, we should be able to change the version just twice--here and Template:NeoMainPageVerLink--and update the number in all the Main Page mentions in all languages.

Because this template began to be used for Beta versions are well as release versions, and because link-inclusion doesn't translate spaces into underscores, it's necessary to have a separate version that's compatible with the announcement link format and Beta releases, so Template:NeoMainPageVerLink was born. If the current version is a Beta version, Template:NeoMainPageVerLink should have the space between the number and "Beta" replaced by an underscore, e.g. 3.3 Beta on Template:NeoMainPageVer becomes 3.3_Beta on Template:NeoMainPageVerLink.

Do not use this template elsewhere in the wiki.

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