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[edit] Smokey's New Proposal Mockup

[edit] Common Problems

[edit] General Issues

[edit] NeoOffice takes more than a minute to launch

[edit] NeoOffice fails to start, or crashes during startup or right after starting

  • [#Disable hacks]
  • [#Check Java]

[edit] NeoOffice crashes randomly

  • [#Disable hacks]

[edit] Problems with the menus or menu bar

  • [#Disable hacks]
  • [#Disable MenuCracker]

[edit] Dialogs or windows appear with no text


the user would just be able to scan this first section and its headers quickly, then click the link(s) to get to the solution steps down below

[edit] Troubleshooting Steps

[edit] General

[edit] Install Patches

  • Description and steps

[edit] Update the OS

  • Text

[edit] Disable hacks

  • Text

[edit] Java

[edit] Update Java

  • Text

[edit] Corrupt Java

  • Text

[edit] Java extensions

  • Text

[edit] Fonts

[edit] Duplicate Fonts

[edit] Corrupt fonts

[edit] Office 2004 Tahoma

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