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After we added many new features in June's NeoOffice 2.2.4 release, we have continued work on additional features for our users.

In late July 2008 we released NeoOffice 2.2.4 Patch 3 with the following new feature. Patch 3 can be downloaded from the NeoOffice patch download page:

This new feature will be available in Patch 3 for users running Mac OS X 10.4.x and higher.

Special thanks go to all who have donated to the project since our we released NeoOffice 2.2.4. Without everyone's donations and Martin Kahr's work, not only would we have been unable to implement the these new features, we would not have been able to provide rapid investigation and fixing of significant bugs found by users.

Slideshow remote control support

If your Mac has support for Front Row or you have the Keyspan Front Row Remote, starting with NeoOffice 2.2.4 Patch 3 you can use the Apple or the Keyspan Front Row remote controller to start, stop, and move through a slideshow in NeoOffice Impress. Support for the Front Row remote control was made possible by the work of Martin Kahr who developed the Remote Control Wrapper open source framework.

When an Impress window is the active window in NeoOffice, pressing the Start/Pause (â–¶||) button on your Front Row remote controller will start a slideshow.

When a slideshow is already running, the following actions are available:

  • Pressing the Track Forward (▶▶|) button will move forward a slide
  • Pressing the Track Backward (|◀◀) button will move back a slide
  • Pressing the Start/Pause (â–¶||) button will end the slideshow
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