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Archived Release Notes for NeoOffice/J 1.1 Beta

These are archived release notes for an older version of NeoOffice. If you want to see the release notes for the current version of NeoOffice, please visit the NeoOffice Release Notes.

To download the the latest version of NeoOffice, visit the NeoOffice Downloads page.

Patches for NeoOffice/J 1.1 Beta

Beta Patch-11: The bugs fixed by this patch are listed below:

  • A crashing bug was found in "Patch-10". "Patch-11" fixes that bug.

Beta Patch-10: The bugs fixed by this patch are listed below:

  • Inter-application drag-and-drop support
  • Fixes for 13 bugs, including:
    • Improved text drawing speed - The text kerning improvements added in "Patch-8" caused some slowdown in text drawing speed. This patch restores text drawing speed to pre-"Patch-8" levels.
    • Autocomplete feature now works with accented characters - This bug, which caused word autocompletion to overwrite accented characters, has been fixed.

Beta Patch-9: The bugs fixed by this patch are listed below:

  • Fixes for regressions that appeared in "Patch-8" such as the "compressed text" bug (i.e. bug 580).

Beta Patch-8: The bugs fixed by this patch are listed below:

  • Neo/J now behaves more like other Mac applications and will not quit when you press the red "close window" button on the last document window.
  • Text copy and paste bug - The previous patch had a bug that caused Neo/J to only copy half the highlighed characters text. This bug has been fixed.
  • Better text kerning - The text layout code in Neo/J has been improved to display text to more closely match the kerning in other Mac OS X applications.
  • Floating windows always stay on top - In previous patches, floating windows would sometimes fall behind the document window. Neo/J now detects this and will automatically bring floating windows to the front.

Beta Patch-7: The bugs fixed by this patch are listed below:

  • Overlapping characters - When using some custom fonts, certain character sequences would be combined into a single character. This bug has been fixed.
  • Long paragraphs - Sometimes characters at the end of long paragraphs (e.g. more than 1000 words) would kern incorrectly. This bug has been fixed.
  • Waking from sleep - On some machines, Neo/J would prevent a sleeping machine from waking. This bug has been fixed.

Beta Patch-6: The bugs fixed by this patch are listed below:

  • Upgrade to the latest libwpd and writerperfect releases
  • "About NeoOffice/J" and "Preferences" now present in the "NeoOffice/J" menu
  • Performance enhancements and 36 bugs reported since Patch-5; the most important bugs are listed below:
    • Infinite scrolling - Some users reported that, in some cases, scrolling could enter an infinite loop. This bug has been fixed.
    • Smoother text input - Text input for languages that use input methods (e.g. Japanese, Chinese, etc.) now more accurately display committed and uncommitted text. Also, moving the cursor within uncommitted text is now supported.
    • Faster text drawing - Several users discovered that ATSUI was restricting Neo/J performance. To enhance performance, this patch caches recently drawn text so that the time spent in Mac OS X's time consuming text layout functions is kept to a minimum.
    • New crashing bugs - After Mac OS X 10.3.8 was released, several users began experiencing crashing bugs that we had not seen in earlier Mac OS X updates. These new crashing bugs have been fixed.

Beta Patch-5: The bugs fixed by this patch are listed below:

  • Help>Registration now points to
  • 55 bugs reported since Patch-4; the most important bugs are listed below:
    • The "silent crashing" bug has been fixed. This bug, which is a bug in Java 1.3.1 on Panther, would unpredictably terminate Neo/J. This bug, which has existed since Panther was first released, was most likely to occur for users editing large presentation files.
    • Several Unicode font kerning problems have been fixed.
    • Various Aqua menu bugs that were causing some menus to disappear have been fixed.
    • A bug that was causing modal dialog windows and presentation windows to sometimes get stuck behind a document window has been fixed.

Beta Patch-4: The bugs fixed by this patch are listed below:

  • bug 319
  • bug 322

Beta Patch-3: The bugs fixed by this patch are listed below:

  • Pressing the Command key while dragging the mouse will copy text instead of moving it.
  • Menu memory leaks in 1.1.3 and Neo/J have been eliminated.
  • Minimized windows will be expanded when the Neo/J Dock icon is clicked like other Mac OS X applications.
  • Neo/J's patch update check will now only occur once a week instead of every time Neo/J is started.

Beta Patch-2: The bugs fixed by this patch are listed below:

  • 244 - cmd-c (copy) causes Neo to stall
  • 297 - Wrong spacing around ligatures
  • 301 - Beta 1.1 + first patch crashing

New Features in NeoOffice/J 1.1 Beta

If you have not downloaded a release of NeoOffice/J since version 0.8.4, there are dozens of new features in 1.1 Beta. Some of the most significant include:

  • Based on 1.1.3 codebase
  • Right-to-left and complex text layout (e.g., Arabic, Hebrew, Thai)
  • Faster program startup
  • Native Aqua menus
  • New professional-quality splash screen, application and document Finder icons, and other artwork
  • Localized user interfaces for 40 languages
  • Mouse wheel support
  • Text drag-and-drop support
  • Improved PDF export
  • Import of WordPerfect documents
  • Support for Macintosh file aliases in open and save dialogues
  • Automatic notification of new patches and versions
  • Patches available as standard Mac OS X installer packages
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