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Known Issues with NeoOffice

Patrick Luby maintains a brief list of "known problems." That page covers features found in that are still missing from NeoOffice.

Other known issues with NeoOffice can be found in

Please search for your issues before posting to the Support forum. The Testing forum is used for providing feedback on new patches and alpha and beta versions of NeoOffice; issues with released versions are handled in the Support forum.

N.B. NeoOffice shares all the bugs and limitations of, so any issue in the IssueZilla will also be a known issue with NeoOffice.

Reporting Problems with NeoOffice

If you want to report problems, please submit them to the NeoOffice Bugzilla. You should first search to see if your bug has already been reported (is a "duplicate"); click "Query Bugs" and then "advanced query page" to search for a keyword you think might apply. Make sure to select NeoOffice from the Project menu, since that menu defaults to NeoLight.

Additionally, there is a forum on trinity to discuss problems. But your best bet is to use the bugzilla system so that the developers do not miss your bug or issue submission.

Bugs in code

If Patrick or another developer replies that the problem is with the underlying code, report the problem in the IssueZilla to ensure the coders fix the problem! See here for details. For purposes of the Found in version: field in IssueZilla, NeoOffice 1.2.2 is the equivalent of 1.1.5, NeoOffice 2.0 Aqua Beta is the equivalent of 2.0.3, and NeoOffice 2.1 is the equivalent of 2.1.

After you file a bug in the OOo IssueZilla, please paste its URL into the comments of your NeoOffice Bugzilla report; the developers and QA will often follow the progress of the OOo bug.

Bugs in WordPerfect import

Similarly, if you have an issue with the result of the import of a WordPerfect document—bold is missing, table messed up, etc.—this is a problem with the libwpd and WriterPerfect libraries and should be reported in the libwpd Bugzilla.

Bugzilla Guide

We are developing a guide to filing a good bug in Bugzilla. If you have suggestions, please contribute on the Guide to the NeoOffice Bugzilla page.

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